Searching 4 Luftwaffe "painter" L Zachmann

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Searching 4 Luftwaffe "painter" L Zachmann

Post by maxuechtritz » 01 Oct 2020 10:09

We have found a number of beautiful water colours painted by a German officer - almost certainly Luftwaffe - based at Chateau St Georges-Mötel near Dreux in 1942. He has signed them L. Zachmann. I want to try what many would think impossible ... track down any existing relatives, even children or grandchildren of Zachmann. And then "reunite" them with the paintings. Perhaps Zachmann left them in the chateau a hurry in 1944, or maybe he gave them to a local sweetheart. Any advice about where to start to verify his identity and service and find out about family?

I have found two Zachmann names among officers on one site but no L Zachmann posted to Feldluftzeuggruppe Westfrankreich. This was which was formed from Luftzeuggruppe 12 on 1 June 1940, was stationed at Saint Georges-Mötel from summer 1940 until it was ordered disbanded on 16.12.43.

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