Me-262A-2 Sturmvogel

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Me-262A-2 Sturmvogel

Post by mfy4444 » 16 Jan 2021 18:35

Hello, all. I am interested in finding two facts which have proved elusive. Can anyone tell me the approximate number produced of the Me-262A-2 "Sturmvogel" purpose-built bomber variant of the Me-262, and also the dates of production. For dates of production the month production began and ceased (assuming it did cease) would work for me. Note that I am not interested in information about the Me-262A-1 versions converted for bombing duties, only the Me-262A-2.

I had thought that on November 5, 1944 (or thereabouts) Hitler had reversed course and ordered that all future Me-262 production be devoted to fighters. Yet I saw a reference to a particular Me-262A-2 supposedly delivered in February 1945.

What I am most interested in is the approximate number produced of the A-2, though when production began and ended would be good as well. Bonus points for dates of first deliveries to combat units, or date of first flight of the A-2.

Thanks in advance for any and all information.


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Re: Me-262A-2 Sturmvogel

Post by Cantankerous » 21 Jan 2021 03:22

A total of 240 Me 262A-2a Sturmvogel aircraft were made. The maiden flight of the Sturmvogel occurred on April 15, 1944, the tenth Me 262 prototype having been chosen as the Me 262A-2a prototype.

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