Junkers Ju-635

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Junkers Ju-635

Post by ArmchairSamurai » 27 Jan 2021 08:34

Hello all.

I present two small photos on the mockup cockpit for the twin-fuselage reconnaissance aircraft, the Junkers Ju-635. I ripped them from Luft-46, which is by no means the best site for research methinks, but I found it interesting enough to share and it was a real project no less. Perhaps not the most valuable, or better-funded project, but one that someone thought useful nonetheless. It did not reach production, let alone testing in any capacity before the war ended.


Now, I have a question for all of you that I shall use this instance as an example for: where would one go to find original photos of something like those I uploaded here today? From what I can tell, they clearly were recorded, by US Signal Corps no doubt, but where are they currently? I imagine NARA, yet I cannot be sure. Under what title would such things as photos of aircraft prototypes, mockups, and the like be arranged and identified? It's not like you could just search for a plane (like the Junkers Ju-635), or anything for that matter, by name in an archive and find it; it is in a collection. Thoughts?
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Re: Junkers Ju-635

Post by Cantankerous » 30 Jan 2021 17:20

As far as I recall, the Americans captured the Junkers factory in Dessau in April 1945, but given the Junkers company numbering on the lower right hand corner of these photos, these photos are in likelihood in the Bundesarchiv, because the Do 635 was canceled in February 1945.

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