WGr 21 fired at night?

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Re: WGr 21 fired at night?

Post by Grzesio » 15 Mar 2021 09:32

I do not think so...
One has to remember, such rockets had short burning times, e.g. smokeless engine of the 15 cm Nebelwerfer rocket (which was apparently the same as in the SSR, save for the nozzle) worked for 0.7 s only, while of the 21 cm rocket - 1.8 s, thus they stopped working some 100-300 m from the launcher respectively (some 400-450 m in case of the WGr 21 launched from an aircraft, as velocity of the a/c has to be added). Of course, there were some residual gases still leaving combustion chamber after the flameout, which could be visible particularly at night, but I don't think such a rocket was still visible after kilometres of flight. :/
Then, SSR rockets were launched at a fixed elevation of some 80 deg., so it's hard to say, they had any horizontal section of the trajectory.

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Re: WGr 21 fired at night?

Post by Border Reiver » 16 Mar 2021 07:49

Thanks for the extra details. The SSR could have been involved in some of the incidents (possibly) but its flight profile doesn’t match many of the individual reports.

It’s quite intriguing.

There were other reports of “rockets” over Germany by British-based squadrons earlier in the war (mid-1942). It got to the point where they were being mentioned in Air Intelligence memos.

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