Operational history of the HE-112?

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Operational history of the HE-112?

Post by Messerschmitt96 » 07 Jul 2021 22:12

As we are all aware the FW-190 and BF-109 were the premier fighters of the Luftwaffe, but is anyone here familiar with the HE-112? I've been having a difficult time researching exactly what battles it was used in and also how effective it was, just curious. Thanks in advance :milsmile:

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Re: Operational history of the HE-112?

Post by Cantankerous » 14 May 2022 22:47

There's a useful reference that contains info on the operational combat history of the Heinkel He 112:
Bernád, D., 1996. Heinkel He 112 in Action. Carrollton, TX: Squadron/Signal Publications.

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