Flak.Sturm.Rgt.1 May/june 1944.

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Flak.Sturm.Rgt.1 May/june 1944.

Post by AETIUS 1980 » 03 Aug 2021 16:56

I am looking for information related to Flak.Sturm.Rgt.1 (gemisch.mot) and prior to June 6.
Sometimes cited under its original name, Flak.Rgt.32 (word), this unit was set up in April 1944 from Stab./Flak.Rgt.431 (word), and moved from the Somme to Normandy in May 1944 On this date, the regiment was led by Oberst Paul Von KISTOWSKI (DKG on 01/01/1945), who initially established his headquarters on Isigny, then Bayeux. By order of the Armee.Oberkommando.7 /Ia Nr 1134/44 geheim of June 4, 1944, it reports on the movement of the Flak.Rgt.32 (word) with the gem.Flak.Abt (word) 497 ( Hauptmann STEIN) north-east of Isigny, and le.Flak.Abt.90 (Sf) (Hauptmann KROCK) in the Bayeux sector for the next day (June 5) from 6 a.m.
_ gem.Flak.Abt (word) .266 (Hauptmann SCHMUCK- I./Flak.Sturm.Rgt.1, Stab south of Longueville). We find 5 and 6 Bttr on Carpiquet and Cherbourg respectively, the remainder being to the south of the flooded area in the Aure valley.
_ gem.Flak.Abt (word) .497 (II./Flak.Sturm.Rgt.1. Stab North-east of Isigny). Further north, between the RN 13 and the flooded area (on either side of the village of La Cambe, St Clément, Géfosse-Fontenay and Grandcamp-Maisy).
I am therefore trying to find out if the information given is exact or perfectible, to know additional data (location of the batteries, name of executives, equipment, relations with higher or neighboring units 352.Inf.Div,...) on days between end of May and 5 June. When is the participation of these different Abteilungen between June 6 and 15 (Vallée de l'Aure, Isigny, Bayeux, Caen / Colombelles,...).

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Larry D.
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Re: Flak.Sturm.Rgt.1 May/june 1944.

Post by Larry D. » 11 Aug 2021 13:38

I noticed you weren't getting any help, Romain, so here is a little bit for whatever it may be worth:

Flak-Sturm-Rgt. 1


c.26 May 44: ordered to Amboise on the Loire, 22 km E of Tours, to protect a bridge that was under construction by German Army engineers. This order was changed before the Rgt. could get underway and instead it was sent to the Isigny-sur-Mer area along the Vire estuary in Normandy to shoot down suspected RAF aircraft dropping agents and arms at night to the French resistance, arriving on 4 June. The Rgt. HQ was set up in the village of La Cambe/8 km NE of Isigny-sur-Mer.
6 Jun 44: Rgt. claimed 6 aircraft shot down from midnight 5 June to midnight 6 June while in support of 352. Inf.Div. (Stab in Littry/14 km SW of Bayeux).
10 Jun 44: Stab moved from the Bayeux area to several locations in the vicinity of St-Lô.
etc., etc., etc.

Foreign Military Studies Manuscript P-156, Das III. Flakkorps – insbesondere Flaksturmregiment 1 – in der Zeit von Juni – September 1944, by Werner von Kistowski, Oberst a.D. und Wolfgang Pickert, General d.Flakart. a.D.; BNA HW 5/592.

I./Flak-Sturm-Rgt. 1 (mot)
(ex-gem.Flak-Abt. 266)
5 Jul 44: still being referred to as 266 in the III. Flakkorps daily reports. (BNA HW 5/522)
8 Jul 44: gem.Flak-Abt. 266 being trf to Rocquancourt-Garcelles (Carcelles?). (CX/MSS/T240/98)

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Re: Flak.Sturm.Rgt.1 May/june 1944.

Post by Manuferey » 19 Aug 2021 10:47

Bonjour Romain,

For information on this unit, see also in this long thread:
http://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic. ... 3&t=178451

German documents of June 3, 1944 and June 4, 1944, do not include gem. Flak.Abt. 266 yet, only gem. Flak Abt. 497 (mot.) and le.Flak-Abt. 90 (Sf). They also still refer to Flak-Rgt 32/Flak Rgt. 32 (mot.).

It woud have been the norm for the 8,8 cm Flak batteries of gem. Flak.Abt. 497(mot) to be equipped with a small mobile Würzburg radar (FuSE 62). One of these radars was captured near Cardonville by the US 175th IR on June 8). It may have also been picked up by US warships in line of sight (the D-Day action report of USS Tuscaloosa, positioned in front of Utah Beach area detected a small Würzburg signal thanks to its high Elint mast).
See the relevant discussion here: http://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic. ... 0&t=201673


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Re: Flak.Sturm.Rgt.1 May/june 1944.

Post by AETIUS 1980 » 19 Aug 2021 14:38

I deduce that the gem.Flak.Abt.266 was attached to it shortly after the landing. Only a fraction of it remains was deployed on Carpiquet. Thank you for the correction that will be postponed immediately.

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