Target Marking by Ground forces

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Target Marking by Ground forces

Post by gn272 » 16 Aug 2021 12:46


The Luftwaffe was often used to support ground forces attacks, with the target identified by Luftwaffe ground liaison units, particularly for JU87 attacks. I understand the target would often be marked by flares dropped by one of the JU87's and if the flare was in the vicinity of friendly units a nominated coloured flare would be used by the friendly units to cancel the attack. Also German units would mark their positions with coloured smoke grenades to avoid attacked from friendly aircraft.

However, does anyone know if targets were marked by smoke shells fired from German artillery ???

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Re: Target Marking by Ground forces

Post by Larry D. » 16 Aug 2021 13:47

Conventional artillery was used extensively to lay down smoke screens along the front, but I don't recall reading of it being used to mark targets for the delivery of aircraft ordnance.


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