Luftwaffe claim 18 JUly 1944?

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Luftwaffe claim 18 JUly 1944?

Post by Linkagain » 19 Sep 2021 02:06

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Re: Luftwaffe claim 18 JUly 1944?

Post by Limbardo » 22 Sep 2021 12:08

Hi Linkagain,

the Missing Air Crew Report for Edward L Haight has the loss date as 17 July 1943. According to the MACR British Coastal Command intercepted a German radio report of an enemy plane being shot down above Holland at 14:45. The MACR leads to believe this was Haight's plane. According to Tony Wood's Combat Claim & Casualties List the given time and place correspond to a Luftwaffe claim by Feldwebel Erwin Engel of 2./JG 3, who claimed a Lighting on 17 July 1943 at 14:45 off the coast above Ouddorp.


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Re: Luftwaffe claim 18 July 1944 ?

Post by von thoma » 26 Sep 2021 01:22

2nd Lt Edward Haight, was shot down when flew a mission over Holland to made photos of Dutch occupied airfield,
near Schelde river, Holland, attacked by enemy planes.

Info about his father :
His son 2nd Lt Edward Haight was Missing in action on 18 July 1944 during World War II ... a-6998.cfm

13th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron
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