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Post by James A Pratt III » 07 Oct 2021 18:35

No TOCH what a disaster! also theaerodrome.com is also gone down. I hope nothing happens to them as well.

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Re: 12 O'Clock High Forum

Post by Urmel » 07 Oct 2021 19:13

Larry D. wrote:
04 Oct 2021 23:11
Hi Ed -

Increasingly, it appears TOCH will not be coming back. On the recommendation of one of the most favored original members who is a close personal friend of one of the managers at TOCH, I sent said manager a very nice e-mail politely asking for whatever amplification he could provide. It has been nearly a week and no reply. And I've been an active member there since 2000 with a total of 7,000+ posts under two different screen names. So things do not look promising. :( :cry:

Larry deZeng
Nick Beale has posted on WW2Talk Friday that there has been serious corruption of the data base and they are trying to fix it but it is very difficult.

I'm guessing that nobody is getting email responses while this is going on.

http://ww2talk.com/index.php?threads/12 ... ine.91422/

All the best

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Re: 12 O'Clock High Forum

Post by ewest89 » 07 Oct 2021 20:43

Immediate action should be taken to continue the posting of photos and documents to other relevant sites. And at least one effort is being considered to create something similar to TOCH but there are no guarantees. I must repeat that recent events like this, including the temporary loss of Facebook for six hours, points out a problem that must be addressed: alternative means to contact the people involved when a site goes down. The internet is convenient but when a site goes down there is no immediate way to contact anyone. That problem needs to be solved now.

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Re: 12 O'Clock High Forum

Post by Larry D. » 08 Oct 2021 14:20

@ Urmel:

Right. There was no contact with the site, but see below:

BREAKING NEWS: TOCH down on 22 September 2021. TOCH restored and back on line 08 October 2021.


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Re: 12 O'Clock High Forum

Post by ewest89 » 08 Oct 2021 16:11

Great news.


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Re: 12 O'Clock High Forum

Post by Darius333 » 09 Oct 2021 14:00

12 O'Clock High Forum IS BACK!



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Re: 12 O'Clock High Forum

Post by mcowan888 » 04 Dec 2023 00:29

Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me.

My grandfather Henry Cowan (Hank) was shot down over Parchim airport in Germany on April 19th 1945, he was flying RN204 (Spitfire IV).

There was a part purchased from Mr Spirfire himself Peter Arnold that we are 99% sure belongs to RN204. The part was sold to a chat called Douglas in the UK and sold again in 2016 on ebay.

The part looks like it belongs to the III where only 100 were built, however it has been later confirmed that this part was used in RN204 prior to the arrival in Germany and then shot down on the same day. The Russians brought the part to a town in Germany where it was in storage for many years before Peter found it.

If anyone could help us find the piece we would be most grateful, happy to send pictures, just let me know how to get them to you.

Part details:

Thanks very much for your offer of help, just kind a stuck on this one!
Forgot to mention in the forum that the piece is just over 4mm thick.
You might need the serial number; 366 30 3 CS ?
30 = main fairing ( I don't know where this would be on the plane, there
is that many of them! .. but obviously it's the MAIN fairing.
3 = would probably tell you exactly where it goes.
CS = I don't know.
? = yes this question mark is stamped alongside the serial number.
I don't know if this is something or not, but I was trying to find out about the
double X painted on the front and it hinted at the engine area?

Please call or email me +61 40 9080 098 or matthew (DOT) benjamin (DOT) cowan (@) gmail (DOT) com

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