Post War Jet Production

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Alex Tijerina
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Post War Jet Production

Post by Alex Tijerina » 27 Sep 2021 19:31

I have always wonder when Germany was allowed to rearm and manufacture tanks, I believe in 1955. Why wasn’t there further research of Airplane production post war ,being that the Germans were the first to use jets in combat during the War. The German had the research in place already.

Larry D.
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Re: Post War Jet Production

Post by Larry D. » 27 Sep 2021 19:49

Short answer:
- Most German aerospace brain power and documents taken to U.S in 1945-46 (Operation Paperclip).
- Remaining aerospace brain power and documents and most means of jet and rocket production taken to USSR in 1945-47.


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T. A. Gardner
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Re: Post War Jet Production

Post by T. A. Gardner » 28 Sep 2021 16:31

Many of the German aircraft engineers ended up in places like Argentina where they continued their design work based on their WW 2 efforts. For example, Kurt Tank (FW 190 Ta 152 etc.) went there and designed the Pulqui I and II jet fighter based on his Ta 183

The Ta 183 a very late wartime design that wasn't built:

The Pulqui II in Argentina by Tank:

The Horten brothers also went to Argentina where they continued to design new flying wing-type aircraft. These however didn't get produced. The reason these aircraft are obscure was Argentina was unable to afford to mass produce them without foreign orders and no other nation was interested so the most that happened were a few, like the Pulqui got made in insignificant numbers as prototypes.

In the Soviet Union, they were playing 'catch up' with the West so initially they allowed some late war German designs to continue into prototype status just to get the experience of designing and operating jet aircraft. Once their own engineers were up to speed, the German engineers were summarily deported back to E. Germany.

For the US and Britain, the truth is that they were pretty much equal to or ahead of the Germans in 1945 in jet aircraft development. The difference was they weren't pushing their designs prematurely into combat because they were winning without them. They had the luxury of taking their time and making sure their designs were reliable and thoroughly tested where the Germans pushed theirs into production with all sorts of shortcomings and even dangerous tendencies.

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