Uffz Urnst Nittmann

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Uffz Urnst Nittmann

Post by Bob Mohawk » 16 Jan 2023 20:03

Goooood Evening every one,

I have a quest that I need help with. I am currently researching a Luftwaffe Pilot who was shot down during the second world war.

The details as follows:

Pilot Details: Uffz Ernst Nittmann
Aircraft: Me Bf109e4.JG27 white 8 wnr 6318L
Date of capture 06/09/1940
Location of capture: Canterbury, Kent UK
ID Number 51516

Basically I am after anything from after interrogation. I have a hunch he was sent to Canada and I Know he was a POW until 1945. I do hold a lot of information gathered from other sources including other forums so please don't hate me!

The ultimate goal is to complete his story and maybe reach out to family. I know this maybe a sensitive matter to some but we live in hope.

I am willing to share all info if requested.

Any help would be awesome


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