2 cm Zerf.Gesch. m. Zerl.

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Re: 2 cm Zerf.Gesch. m. Zerl.

Post by ThatZenoGuy » 21 Feb 2023 14:56

Flakvierling auf Spreizlafette wrote:
08 Feb 2023 18:38
I've been trying to figure out what the purpose of this shell is, from what I know it was apparently made out of hard cardboard, which is unusual for a shell, and is filled with steel shot(?) and baryte. Maybe it was some sort of case shot?
(I've also been wondering what Zerf. stands for)
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Case/cannister shot wouldn't use such small and ineffective projectiles.

The purpose of this shot was for training, allowing a cannon to fire with minimal danger downrange from the gun itself.

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Flakvierling auf Spreizlafette
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Re: 2 cm Zerf.Gesch. m. Zerl.

Post by Flakvierling auf Spreizlafette » 21 Feb 2023 17:03

Seems fair enough.

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Re: 2 cm Zerf.Gesch. m. Zerl.

Post by LineDoggie » 21 Feb 2023 18:40

Hans1906 wrote:
20 Feb 2023 14:27

Virtually yelling at me in capital letters is pointless, something like that bounces off me.

As does logic....
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