The campaign to remove Major Walter Nowotny's remains

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Post by Wulpe » 26 Jul 2003 09:02


Nowotny grave desecrated

Vienna - The grave of the NS-Luftwaffe officer Walter Nowotny on the Vienna Central Cemetery was smeared with "Never again Fascism", a soviet star and a crossed out swastika in rust color. Since weeks Nowotny´s grave causes agitation: the Vienna city council has decided in this year´s May to deprive the grave of it´s honour status. The FPO vigorously protested against the decision of the SPO and the Green party. In addition, right-wing extremist groups already mobilize against the revocation.

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Post by Ebusitanus » 26 Jul 2003 12:43

Some people are just so "brave" to fight fascism in such "heroic" ways.

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