KG53 bombing Coulommiers-Voisins (FR) (26may1940)

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KG53 bombing Coulommiers-Voisins (FR) (26may1940)

Post by Coulommiers » 01 Apr 2024 14:09

Dear All,
I am currently studying Coulommiers-Voisins airfield, France (circa 50km east of Paris). Created in 1937 for the purpose of general aviation, but with in mind possible military use.
In 1939 at the outbreak of WW2 it was indeed used by French Air Force (Gal Vuillemin GIC french air force HQ was nearby and Coulommiers was the 'HQ' airdrome.In addition it was used by the BAFF Gal Barratt as some units and HQ of RAF were nearby. The Photo Recon Unit of Sydney Cotton had several acft based there, incl some Spitfire!). As for FAF, the CG III/6 and III/7 with Morane MS-406 were based there and participated the 'Campagne de France'.
Especially, in preparation of Operation PAULA, on 26 may 1940, Coulommiers-Voisins was heavily bombeded by KG 53 He-111s (and some Me Bf-110s). reports quote 30+ He-111s! Time of attack 13h15.
In my past searches, I found that Coulommiers-Voisins is known as ziel nr FR-10-160.

Does anybody know whether ziel documents can still befound (I know that in GB, those are available for the country), and if somebody have more indications on what staeffeln were engaged in that successful attack...?

Many thanks for the support... Alas this part of the History is not enough documented.

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Re: KG53 bombing Coulommiers-Voisins (FR) (26may1940)

Post by wekusta » 01 Apr 2024 20:46


BA/MA file RL10/86 has information on pg 117 about I. and II./KG 53 operations on 26.5.40 - see Invenio and search for that file.(See ... ctions.pdf for some guidance on searching Invenio).
Best Regards

Andy Mitchell

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