4/JG27 August 1942 Overclaiming kills?

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4/JG27 August 1942 Overclaiming kills?

Post by Ebusitanus » 28 Oct 2003 18:45

I just had a conversation with a friend of mine and he told me how apparently a Oberstleutnant Fogel, commander of the 4 Staffel in JG27, North Africa had made it his business to falsify free-hunt kill claims by conspiring with his fellow pilots under his command and testfy one for the other over air kills that actually never happened. He told me that they just flew out and emptied their magazines into the desert and came back claming kills to an amount of 65. This apparently brought an investigation from the RLM that discovered the plot and acted as to separate these pilots amongst other units but did not even take away the kills.

Anyone does know about this story?

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