Nazi Jet-Planes?

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They had many jet and rocket aircrafts, He Wolksjæger, Me 262, Me Comet and several more that where flying and fighting against the Allies.
One of them, Horten Flying Wing (Amerika Bomber) where to take an atomic bomb and drop it over USA. Orders where given early 1945

Hundreds of projects where on the German drawing boards when war ended.

Here are some sites:


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Never heard of German A-bomb..was there any evidence ?
It's debatable whenever the Horten Ho XVIII or other jet-powered flying wing bomber projects (e.g. Junkers EF 130, Messerschmitt P.1108) would have had bomb bays large enough to carry a German A-bomb (Albert Speer never managed to have the German scientific establishment commit financial capital to developing an A-bomb on the scale of the Manhattan Project b/c he felt that WW2 could be won by Germany before the A-bomb could be built).

More info about the German A-bomb project is available here: ... ns_program

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