Help with JU88 ID.

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Help with JU88 ID.

Post by Little Ray » 12 Nov 2003 14:01

Hi there. I have posted here in the hope that some one can help me or tell me where to contact for more detail help with plane details that belonged to the german air force on the Russian front. I have the ID plates off a JU88 air frame and the ID plate off the engine of the same plane and can any member tell me how to trace this plane so I can find out who was the pilot.

The first plate reads.. Henschel Flugzeug-werke Lizenz Junkers..
Best. Nr 5453418 Zeichn. Nr 88123-28 Typ U Grp JU88 A4
Kontr which has a circle with the number 339 in it and the henschel badge

The second plate which is off the engine reads ..Stoewer-Motor Typ: AW2
Vergaser Einstenung Fur Kraftstoff OZ 74 Vergasertyp 35BFLZ

Lufttricher 27 Hauptduse 135-56 Leerlaufduse.0.55
Startbrennstorfduse 160 Startluftduse 4,5
Zundeinstellung im oberen Totpunk??????
I hope this is of some help...Ray

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