Skoda-Kauba V5 Fighter Plane

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Skoda-Kauba V5 Fighter Plane

Post by toniyona » 01 Jan 2004 20:43

Might anyone know of any articles or reference materials on the Skoda-Kauba V5 piston engined fighter?
If a book, the name of the book, author and the ISBN # would be very helpful.
If a magazine article, the name of the publication, date, volume, page etc. would also be big helps.
All the information I could find to date was an article that was posted on the web and a RS Model description., both of which have since disappeared.

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Re: Skoda-Kauba V5 Fighter Plane

Post by Cantankerous » 25 Dec 2020 16:26

Info about the V5 is available at this link: ... 57-and-v5/

The Skoda-Kauba V5 was intended to be a fighter derivative of the V4/SK 257 trainer, but financial constraints caused the V5 to be cancelled without progressing beyond a mockup.

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