what were the different fuselage bands in the Luftwaffe?

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what were the different fuselage bands in the Luftwaffe?

Post by ranoncles » 02 Feb 2004 13:51

Could anybody tell me which coulour bands around the rear fuselage of aircraft were used to indicate service on the separate fronts in the Luftwaffe?

I have so far encountered yellow, red, black & white, white and blue & red colour bands and West, Reich, Mediterranean and East fronts in books. Where there more fronts (Norway, Balkans?) and which front had what colour band?

Many thanks.

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Rumpfband colours

Post by Erich » 03 Feb 2004 03:59

your question is a little vague but maybe I can help...........

I will mention only fighter a/c for you.

In the med the rumpfband would of been white. On the ost front it would of been yellow.

Now during the defence of the Reich, or Reichsverteidigung the following units had single or multi-coloured bands on the fuselage:

JG 1 bright red
JG 2 yellow-white-yellow
JG 3 a wide white band during summer of 44
JG 4 black-white-black
JG 5 black-yellow
JG 6 red-white-red
JG 7 blue-red
JG 11 a wide yellow band
JG 26 black-white
JG 27 green either narrow or wide
JG 51 green-white-green although most a/c of the unit never used a band
JG 52 there has been discussion that the unit never carried one.
JG 53 first was rust red then black
JG 54 a wide blue band
JG 77 green-white, but also if the a/c ever carried these ?
JG 300 summer of 44, rust-brown red and in Decmber 44 onward blue-white-blue
JG 301 red-yellow although the bands could have reverse colours.

ZG 1 wide white band on Bf 110G-2's against US heavy bombers
ZG 26 narrow white band on same a/c and Me 410's
ZG 76 wide yellow band on Bf 110G-2's against US heavy bombers.

HTH a bit ?


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