Bf 109s lost on landing and takeoffs

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Post by tonyh » 13 May 2004 09:53

bryson109 wrote:This link is a good read, all about the myths and realities of the bf 109.
Very interesting.
Great article that...

"109s were so difficult to take off and land that half the 109s lost in the war were lost to take off and landing accidents."
- 5 % of the 109's were lost in take off/landing accidents.

"Me-109 had an astonishing 11,000 takeoff/landing accidents resulting in destruction of the a/c! That number represents roughly one-third of the approximately 33,000 such a/c built by Germany."
- Source: FLIGHT JOURNAL magazine
- The magazine has it wrong or has misintepretated the numbers. Luftwaffe lost about 1500 Me-109's in landing gear failures. Note that German loss reports often lump destroyed and damaged (10 to 60% damaged) together. It was also a standard practise to practically rebuild even almost completely destroyed airframes. While rebuilding/refurnishing these planes were also upgraded to the latest standards and latest equipment. This means that large proportion of these damaged/destroyed planes were not complete losses, but returned to squadron service.

I thought that 11.000 aircraft "lost" sounded far too much. If such was the case, then the aircraft would have been considered a complete failure. The Luftwaffe would have converted completely to the FW190 if one considers this as a loss rate of 1/3 is just way, way too high to sustain.


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Post by Hans_Rudel » 14 May 2004 16:13

bryson109 wrote:This link is a good read, all about the myths and realities of the bf 109.
Very interesting.
Thanks for the site, it really does have a lot of helpful information. Some of the other myths I thougth about the 109 were there as well, debunked.

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Post by bryson109 » 16 May 2004 01:05

Found this on the web thought it was neat.
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