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Post by bob t » 18 Apr 2004 07:36

How many Sq and plane gescghwader have. For ex Sovyet have 30-45 plane adn three SQ per regiments

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Post by Jeremy Chan » 18 Apr 2004 08:02

The Staffel, or squadron, was the smallest operational unit (and I suppose it was equal to a company). Actually, a Geschwader wasn't the unit after a Squadron, but a Geschwader came after the Gruppe, which came after the Staffel. Three Staffeln formed a Gruppe although fighter units had four Staffeln per Gruppe after the autumn of 1940. This wasn't so for bomber and other units. The Gruppe was the bsic unit of the air force, just as its equivalent, the battalion, was the basic unit of an army. Three Gruppen made up the Geschwader, the largest homogeneous formation in the air force. At full strength was 108 to 180 aircraft.

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Post by Erich » 18 Apr 2004 16:01

slight correction friends..........from the summer of 44 onward the day fighter gruppe had 4 staffeln as standard. The night fighter forces had three whether twin engine or single engine and by beginning of April 1945 the night fighter gruppe was reduced down to 1 staffel.



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