Let's Build: Kampfgeschwader 1 Hindenburg

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Let's Build: Kampfgeschwader 1 Hindenburg

Post by Marcus » 30 May 2004 10:22

In an effort to improve and expand the unit histories on the site, we will be launching a new series of "Let's Build" threads.
The object is to pool our collective knowledge and reconstruct these units. No contribution is too small, no fact too obscure, equipment, armament, manpower strength, high award holders, biographical information, photographs, reference material or combat reports, everything is welcome, just remember to mention the source of your information.

This thread is dedicated to information on Kampfgeschwader 1 Hindenburg.

btw. as always, if you are interested in helping out with the site, for example by compiling material from the Let's Build threads for articles on the site, please send me a pm or email, thanks.


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Post by Marcus » 31 May 2004 13:38

Kampfgeschwader 1 Hindenburg was redesignated Stab / Jagdgeschwader 7 Aug 1944.

Oberstleutnant Ulrich Kessler (1 Sep 1939 - 17 Dec 1939)
Oberstleutnant Ernst Exss (17 Dec 1939 - 12 July 1940)
Oberst Josef Kammhuber (12 July 1940 - 18 July 1940)
Generalmajor Karl Angerstein (18 July 1940 - 1 Mar 1942)
Major Herbert Loch (1 Mar 1942 - ? June 1942)
Oberstleutnant Peter Schemmell (? June 1942 - 14 Aug 1942)
Major Hans Keppler (14 Aug 1942 - 3 Sep 1942)
Major Heinrich Lau (3 Sep 1942 - 15 Mar 1943)
Oberstleutnant Horst von Riesen (15 Mar 1943 - ? Aug 1944)

Reference material on this unit
- None known at this time -



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Post by Balsi » 09 Jul 2004 08:47

Titel Die Ritterkreuzträger des Kampfgeschwader 1 "Hindenburg": [1939 - 1945]/ Ralf Schumann
Verfasser Schumann, Ralf
ISBN 3-925480-40-4
Ausgabe 1. Aufl.
Impressum Zweibrücken : VDM Nickel , 2000.
Umfang 199 S. zahlr. Ill.

Larry D.
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Post by Larry D. » 13 Oct 2004 13:05

There are quite a few primary and secondary sources for KG 1, if you dig deep enough. Note especially the entry below under Hptm. Spohr.

KG 1 Sources


BA-MA Freiburg RL 2 III Gen.Qu.(6.Abt.) Meldungen über Flugzeugunfälle und Verluste... (LRs — Loss Reports)
NARA WashDC RG 242 Microcopy T-312 roll 296/f.1737-57; Microcopy T-313 roll 112/f. 432,442,538,598,686
PRO London AIR 40: 1966,1979,1982
Spohr (Hptm.) - “Kriegschronik des Kampfgeschwader 1 ‘Hindenburg’”, a 78-page manuscript c.late 1944/early 1945. Hptm. Spohr belonged to Geschw.Stab/KG 1 and used all KTBs and Anlagen. In: BA-MA Freiburg RL 10/529; NARA WashDC T-971 roll 50/f.965-1056; AFHRA Maxwell AFB Karlsruhe Collection K113.408-3.


Balke—KG 2/1:393,403,408,416
Balke—KG 100:190
Bingham—Blitzed! :222—43
Griehl/Dressel—He 177:130,136
Jet & Prop—5/93:20—21
Mason—Battle Over Britain
Muller—The German Air War in Russia:117—18
Prien/Stemmer—II. /JG 3:374
Ramsey—The Blitz/II: (index)
Ransom—Flugplatz Brandis :46
Rohwer—Chronology: 134

Larry D.

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Post by Y Ddraig Goch » 17 Oct 2004 16:54

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Post by Mcmcabee » 03 Apr 2005 23:38

Wilhelm Kohlbach Deputy Staffelkapitan in KG 1 from 20 April 1935 - 30 June 1936.



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"KG 1 Hindenburg"

Post by brustcan » 26 May 2005 22:12

Hello! KG 1 flew He-111s, Ju-88s and He-177s. KG 1 operated He-177s out of Prowehen, East Prussia summer/fall of 1944 attacking Russian installations. It along with KG 50 were the main users of He-177s.
Cheers brustcan.

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9/ Kampfgeschwader Hindenburg 1

Post by TenorioM » 20 Jan 2006 15:01

hi all

Could someone confirm which unit was

9/ Kampfgeschwader Hindenburg 1? Is this 9th kompanie in III Gruppe? I have info on a Hauptmann Karl Ladner, shot down over France on 19th July 1944

Thanks in advance


Larry D.
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Post by Larry D. » 20 Jan 2006 15:05

9. Staffel/III. Gruppe of Kampfgeschwader 1 "Hindenburg".

Ladner was the Staffelkapitän of 9. Staffel. So what information do you have on him?

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Post by TenorioM » 20 Jan 2006 15:43

I have opportunity to buy his officers dagger, engraved with his name and unit. I also know the date of his being shot down over France as mentioned, and the fact that his death could not be proven. he was judicially determined to have been KIA after the war. I would love to know something about the missions his unit was engaged in in the summer of '44, etc...

Larry D.
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Post by Larry D. » 20 Jan 2006 16:38

You have him shot down over France on 19 July 1944. This is VERY strange. There is no known record of KG 1 operating over the Western Front area during July and August 1944. The entire Geschwader was in East Prussia operating over the Eastern Front. The only possibility might be that Ladner had left KG 1 and was flying with some other unit. Any additional information you have concerning this puzzle would be of great interest!

III./KG 1 (Second Formation)

Formation and History. (May 44 - Aug 44)
Formed 31 May 1944 at Fassberg and Lechfeld (ex-I./KG 100) with Heinkel He 177 twin—engined heavy bombers.
7/44: formation of the Gruppe was never completed, but a few crews took part in attacks on railway targets and tank concentrations on the central and northern sectors of the Eastern Front with I. and II./KG 1, while the remainder of the Gruppe continued training in Germany.
25.8.44: with the abandonment of He 177 operations and training due to the critical fuel situation, III. Gruppe was ordered renamed II./JG 7 at Prowehren/East Prussia this date.

FpNs: Gruppenstab (L 31695)
7.Staffel (L 49459)
8.Staffel (L 34943)
9.Staffel (L 54966)

Maj. Hans-Gotthelf von Kalckreuth (DKG) (31 May 44 - 25 Aug 44)

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Post by TenorioM » 20 Jan 2006 17:48

Hey Larry

It appears 9./KG1 was redesignated 14.(Eis)/KG3 on 1.2.1944 (source: http://www.ww2.dk/air/kampf/kg1.htm)

The info i have seen comes from the Deutsche Dienstelle, so it should be accurate...

Does that make any sense, or you think something is wrong here?

Larry D.
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Post by Larry D. » 20 Jan 2006 19:27

O.K., that's better, but it still leaves unexplained how in the world he ended up over on the Western Front. I am still greatly puzzled. My original surmise - that he was with another unit on 19 July - still holds until some new information can be found. This unit, 14.(Eis.)/KG 3, was a highly specialized train-busting Staffel. The crews were specially trained (pardon the pun) to fly day or night between 100' and 1,000' along railway lines and bomb and/or shoot up choo-choo trains, railway stations and marshalling yards. They were also used at very low altitude against tank concentrations. The Staffel was always in the East.

14.(Eis.)/KG 3

Formation and Organization. (Mar 44)
Formed on or about 1 March 1944, probably at Flensburg/Schleswig-Holstein (ex-
9.(Eis.)/KG 1), although a single serviceable aircraft belonging to the Staffel was
known to be at Orsha in Belorussia on 2 Mar. It is thought that the main element of
the former 9.(Eis.)/KG 1 was at Flensburg when the redesignation occured. Equipped
all or partially with cannon-armed Junkers Ju 88Ps. The full particulars concerning
the formation and equipment of this Staffel are still unknown.

Operations in Central Russia and Poland. (Apr 44 - Mar 45)
4/44: at Bobruisk attacks on railway and other targets in the Gomel-Mozyr area to the southeast of Bobruisk.
20.6.44: Baranowicze/E Poland, possibly for a brief rest and refit. Two days later (22 Jun) the Soviets launched their massive Belorussian offensive.
26.6.44: now at Puchovichi/62 km SE of Minsk, but reported only a single serviceable Ju 88 on strength.
28.6.44: with the front now in chaos and the German forces in Belorussia rapidly being surrounded, the Staffel was ordered to pull back to Pinsk-West/215 km SSW of Minsk where it continued operations under 1.Fliegerdivision.
7/44: withdrew to Biała Podlaska/E Poland as the Soviet offensive surged westward, and reported 11(3) Ju 88s on strength.
9/44: Kroszewo/37 km NW of Warsaw and still under 1.Fliegerdivision.
10.10.44: now at Graudenz (Grudziadz) in West Prussia between Danzig and Thorn (Torun).
11/44: relieved from assignment under 1.Fliegerdivision and returned to Germany to rest, refit and await further orders. Still inactive on 10 Jan 1945, but location in Germany unknown.
4.3.45: at Grossenhain/32 km NNW of Dresden ordered disbanded this date with all personnel reassigned to II./KG 76.

FpN: (L 54966)



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KG 1

Post by shortguy54 » 09 May 2006 18:48

According to KStN (L) 1161 dated 1 Mar 1942 (found in the Militärarchiv, Freiburg) the War Establishment of a Stab/Kampfgeschwader was as follows:

Note: the letters after the ranks denote flying brevets: F=pilot, B=observer, S=air gunner

A) Gruppe Kommandeur
1 Kommodore (Oberst) F
1 Adjutant (Hauptmann) F
1 Major beim Stabe F
1 Navigationsoffizier (Hauptmann od. Leutnant) F
1 Offizier der Luftnachrichtentruppe (Hauptmann) Bordfunker oder Peilflugleiter (also CO of Signal Company
1 Technischer Offizier F
2 Beamte des höheren Wetterdienstes (Geschwadermeteorologen)
2 Flugzeug-Bildpersonal (Unteroffiziere, 1 Oberfeldwebel)
6 Allgemeines Truppenpesonal (Unteroffiziere, 1 Oberfeldwebel, 1 Feldwebel)
Summe: 6 Offiziere, 8 Unteroffiziere, 2 Beamte

B) Flugzeuggruppe
4 Flugzeugführer (Oberfeldwebel) F
4 Kampfbeobachter (Oberfeldwebel) B
4 Bordfunker (Oberfeldwebel) S
4 Bordschützen (Oberfeldwebel) S
22 Fliegertechnisches Personal (Unteroffiziere, 4 Oberfeldwebel, 5 Feldwebel)
Summe: 38 Unteroffiziere

4 Medium bombers (1 in reserve)
1 Light passenger airplane, class A/B

C) Kraftwagengruppe
3 Kraftfahrer (Unteroffiziere, 1 Feldwebel)

1 Heavy motorcycle w/side car
1 Medium passenger car
1 Medium passenger car, 6-seater

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9./KG1 between September to November 1942

Post by franky » 11 Oct 2006 21:33

Hi all,
who know the history of 9./KG1 between September to November 1942 ?
bases, operations, battles etc.
who can tell somthing about this time?

special facts at the 1.Okt. to 4. Okt. 1942 is searching. :?



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