Recovered Ju88 from deep-waters of a lake !

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Recovered Ju88 from deep-waters of a lake !

Post by MAX_theHitMan » 16 Feb 2005 16:47

I don´t know if this was posted before or not...but here it goes anyway.

Great news about a Luftwaffe Ju88 medium/bomber recovered from the bottom of the deep-waters of a lake.

Check this out...





...see more wonderful pictures and
READ the great whole story at the site


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Richard Hedlund
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Post by Richard Hedlund » 16 Feb 2005 18:54

That is nice to hear, that it is recovered. Hope they get the money to the restauration. Otherwise they can just leave it as it is; I have seen many wreacked planes, and they are strange to look at, you get a lot of feelings. There is one plane in the airplane museum in Helsingor, in Denmarck (as well as many others), that has been taken up from the sea bottom, quite similair to this one (if I remember correct).

Nice links


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Re: Recovered Ju88 from deep-waters of a lake !

Post by Cantankerous » 12 Mar 2021 21:01

There's a photo of Ju 88A-1 U4+TK from 2013 undergoing restoration at Gardermoen, Norway: ... 32044).jpg

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