Generalmajor a.D. Friese, Willi Martin

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Generalmajor a.D. Friese, Willi Martin

Postby Dmitrij 2 » 15 Jan 2013 20:11


read a book
Bezborodova, Irina V.: Generäle des Dritten Reiches in sowjetischer Hand.
in which the found information

Friese, Willi Martin
Born: 1890 Teterow / Mecklenburg
Generalmajor a.D.
19.12.1945 captured Teterow / Mecklenburg
camps (GUPVI): Nr. 69, 27, 362
27.12.1949 condemned to 25 years ITL (labour-camp) by the military tribunal area Moscow (Ukaz 1943, Art.1; Art. 17 UK RSFSR)
Repatriiert: 30.12.1953

found that general lists, maybe his name, surname or title are not true?

Thank you very much!

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Re: Generalmajor a.D. Friese, Willi Martin

Postby Georges M. Croisier » 23 Jan 2013 21:55

Really sorry but I didn't found him at the following list:


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Re: Generalmajor a.D. Friese, Willi Martin

Postby JakeV » 09 Feb 2014 12:00


Your man must be identical to

Wilhelm (Willi) August Friedrich Friese
* 28.04.1890 in Teterow/Bezirk Güstrow/Mecklenburg
† 00.01.1981 in Hannover

(In Bezbrodova's book, the middle names of the Generals are probably the paternal names, a custom native to Russia but not in Germany – here, Willi Friese's father was indeed named Martin Friese, but Martin isn't his Willi's actual middle name).

In 1914 he was Oberfunkentelegraphiemaat in Gouvernement Kiautschou. His WWII assignments are unknown to me, but I doubt he was ever promoted to Generalmajor of the Wehrmacht. There was an Oberst Friese, however, who in 1931 was advisor to Chang Hsüeh-liang in Mukden. So there is a possibility the rank corresponds to the National Revolutionary Army of the interwar Republic of China. This also explains why the Soviets bothered to capture him in 1945.



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