Oberstleutnant Kölle

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Oberstleutnant Kölle

Postby Rossano » 21 Apr 2017 13:54


Both Hans (in Pz.Archiv) and Gräbersuche list a Kölle, Hermann, died on 14.10.44 (according to Gräbersuche as Otl., whilst according to Hans as Maj., promoted only in jan. 45 to Otl.)
I don´ t know whether Gräbersuche is wrong, I have no Otl. Kölle died in oct. 44 in my lists (in the Phil Nix section there is a Polizei-Otl. Kölle Hermann, is maybe this one reported by Gräbersuche or who ?)
For sure Hans is wrong because the Kölle (Hermann too or other first name ?) coming from IR./GJR 13 and promoted to Otl. in jan. 45, did not die in oct.44, but was still alive in 1945. In fact his Karteikarte (without first name) reads "10.03.45 FR OKH, verwundet", and also a Karteikarte of another officer reads "15.03.45 (i.V.) für den verwundeten Otl. Kölle........".


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