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Oberst Hans Adolf Müller - DKiG

Post by Dave Danner » 01 Dec 2017 15:58

Müller, Hans Adolf August Friedrich Heinrich, ab 25.02.1954 "Müller-Ketelsen"
*16.09.1897 in Hamburg
†16.07.1990 in Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe

Note: He is "Adolf Hans" on his birth certificate and in the 1925 Rostock Trauregister, but "Hans Adolf" in his HPA file.

https://www.tracesofwar.com/persons/124 ... -Adolf.htm

Vater: Bernhard, Oberzollkontrolleur
Mutter: Charlotte, geb. Eichbaum
Ehefrau: Inge Hildegard, geb. Ketelsen, *12.03.1905 in Kopenhagen, verheiratet 18.05.1925 (It appears that Hans Adolf and Inge were divorced in 1936 but remarried in 1940, but the exact dates are illegible)
Sohn: Rolf, *02.04.1931
Tochter: Ellen, *10.05.1929

Dienstlaufbahn in der preußischen Armee:
19.06.1915 als Kriegsfreiwilliger beim 1.Rekrutendepot des I.Ersatz-Bataillons des Füsilier-Regiments Fürst Karl Anton von Hohenzollern (Hohenzoll.) Nr. 40 eingetreten
18.11.1915 als Fahnenjunker in das I.Ersatz-Bataillons des Infanterie-Regiments Bremen (1. Hanseat.) Nr. 75 versetzt
11.01.1916 Fahnenjunker-Gefreiter
21.01.1916 Fahnenjunker-Unteroffizier
14.02.1916 zum Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 75 ins Feld
17.04.1916 Fähnrich
04.09.1916 Leutnant (Patent vom 13.07.1915)
02.02.1919 Freikorps Caspari
11.02.1919 Freiwilliges Detachement Gerstenberg
29.07.1919 Reichswehr-Schützen-Regiment 8
17.12.1919 zur Sicherheitspolizei Bremen kommandiert
20.02.1920 aus der Armee ausgeschieden
21.02.1922 Charakter als Oberleutnant a.D.

Dienstlaufbahn in der Polizei:
20.12.1919 Übernahme in den Bremischen Polizeidienst
15.07.1921 Polizei-Oberleutnant
01.11.1927 Polizei-Hauptmann

Dienstlaufbahn in der Wehrmacht:
01.12.1934 als Hauptmann mit RDA vom 01.02.1932 in das Infanterie-Regiment Kassel versetzt
01.01.1935 mit der Führung der 3./Infanterie-Regiment Kassel beauftragt
20.01.1935 Ordn.Nr. 15 zum RDA vom 01.02.1932 erhalten
20.08.1935 anderw. RDA vom 01.10.1932 (22a) erhalten
15.10.1935 Chef 3./Infanterie-Regiment 87 (laut Stellenbesetzung)
06.10.1936 Chef 3./Infanterie-Regiment 111 (laut Stellenbesetzung)
16.12.1936 m.W.v. 01.01.1937 in das Infanterie-Regiment 20 versetzt
01.01.1937 Chef 3./Infanterie-Regiment 20
01.08.1937 Major (1a)
12.10.1937 Chef 1./Infanterie-Regiment 81
10.11.1938 Kommandeur des Ergänzungs-Bataillons des Infanterie-Regiments 81 (laut Stellenbesetzung)
28.08.1939 Kommandeur des I.Bataillons des Infanterie-Regiments 459
01.11.1940 Oberstleutnant (1)
08.09.1941 m.W.v. 19.07.1941 mit der Führung des Infanterie-Regiments 451 beauftragt
15.12.1941 m.W.v. 28.11.1941 zum Kommandeur des Infanterie-Regiments 451 ernannt (ab 15.10.1942 Grenadier-Regiment 451)
01.06.1942 Oberst (1)
13.07.1943 m.W.v. 07.05.1943 Führerreserve OKH (Dienst regelt nach Wiederherstellung seiner Gesundheit der Bfh. im Wehrkreis IX)
20.10.1943 zum Kommandeur des Grenadier-Regiments 217 ernannt [Tintenfleck, evtl. 212]
15.11.1943 als Ia in den Führungs- und Ausbildungsstab beim Wehrmachtbefehlshaber Niederlande versetzt
01.02.1944 Abschnitts-Kommandeur Friesland

xx.xx.xxxx Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse
xx.xx.xxxx Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse
xx.xx.xxxx Bremisches Hanseatenkreuz
xx.xx.xxxx Großherzoglich Mecklenburg-Schwerinsches Militärverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse
06.03.1918 Großherzoglich Mecklenburg-Schwerinsches Militärverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse
xx.xx.xxxx Verwundetenabzeichen in mattweiß
01.03.1935 Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer
02.10.1936 Wehrmacht (Heer) Dienstauszeichnung 4. bis 2. Klasse
01.08.1939 Deutsches Reiterabzeichen in Silber
23.04.1940 Deutsches Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen
27.06.1940 Spange zum Eisernen Kreuz 2. Klasse
23.07.1941 Spange zum Eisernen Kreuz 1. Klasse
29.01.1942 Deutsches Kreuz in Gold
25.02.1942 Verwundetenabzeichen in Gold
18.07.1942 Medaille "Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/2"
08.04.1943 Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen

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Oberst Hans-Adolf Müller (1897-1990)

Post by askropp » 23 Feb 2021 20:06

Anyone interested in another breathtaking story of love and intrigues that easily outclasses Dallas & Dynasty? Well, here it is! The case of Hans-Adolf Müller is another prime example of the Heer's old-fashioned bigotry, moral hypocrisy and perverted concept of honor.

On 8 July 1936, the commander of 25. Division, Generalmajor Hubert Schaller, informed Blomberg, Fritsch and the HPA by telex that he had started an Ehrenverfahren against Hauptmann Hans-Adolf Müller, then a Kompaniechef in IR 87. What had happened? For several months, Müller had been receiving a continuous stream of anonymous postcards whose writer alleged an extramarital affair between Müller's wife Inge and his former superior in the Landespolizei Bremen, Polizeioberst Ludwig Euler (since retired). Those cards were read by Müller's landlady and several soldiers, and soon the rumor spread that Müller was constantly being cuckolded but reluctant to part with his adulterous wife. That alleged passivity, of course, was considered to be a spot not only on his personal honor, but on the honor of the Heer as a whole! (Note that open mass murder like the Röhm affair was not considered to be such a spot.) In his "Anordnungen zur Wahrung der Ehre", old fool Fritsch had recently declared that such cases should be settled through a duel with firearms, even if those were still formally forbidden. Faced with the possibility of his instant dismissal, Müller now quickly filed for divorce and claimed that he had not believed the anonymous writer. He even arranged for a duel with Euler (or pretended to do so), who promptly declined the challenge on the grounds that another Heer officer had refused to duel with him in the past. The Kriminalpolizei in Bremen temporarily arrested Frau Euler, suspecting that she was the originator of the anonymous postcards. In the end, the Eulers and the Müllers all four assured that it had been Frau Euler, not Inge Müller, who had lodged in a hotel in Holzminden with the Oberst in 1935, and the Ehrenrat chose to believe them (or pretended to do so). Seconded by Oberst Pflugradt, General Schaller and General Geyer, the commission concluded that, while there had been secret dates between Inge Müller and Euler, there had been no sexual intercourse between them (because the pair denied that) and therefore Hauptmann Müller's honor was not that blemished. That, of course, together with the divorce, was the golden bridge that allowed Müller to remain in the service. Reluctantly, even Fritsch assented, but Inge had to go.

Then, in August 1939, on the verge of war and just one day after the mobilisation, Inge Müller wrote to the Gröfaz himself (through the office of Rudolf Heß, not the Parteikanzlei). She described that she was still in love with Hans-Adolf and was doing everything to redeem herself, appealing to Hitler's "proven humanity". A year after the divorce, Müller had already handed over the custody of his children to his ex-wife although she had been declared the "culpable party" by the court. Now, she was working as a secretary to support herself. Would Hitler allow them to remarry? She added that Hans-Adolf did not venture to file a similar appeal for himself because he feared to give the impression that the whole divorce had been a fake (what is exactly what it really was, if you ask me). Inge's letter went from Heß to Bormann to Engel and finally to the HPA. Citing the hardships of the divorce for the Müller children, then eight and ten years old, the HPA agreed to a remarriage "if Müller was worthy", which his field superiors duly confirmed. And Hokuspokus Simsalabim, the tragic pair was reunited just in time for the Frankreichfeldzug. What a pathetic Schmierenkomödie!
Er ist wieder da. Aber auch dieses Mal wird er nicht siegen!

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Re: Oberst Hans Adolf Müller - DKiG

Post by graveland » 23 Feb 2021 20:13

Thank you, Dave and askropp.

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Re: Oberst Hans Adolf Müller - DKiG

Post by CNE503 » 23 Feb 2021 21:31

Excellent! Thank you for sharing this!
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