Officials with the Mensur Badge of Courage Scars

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Officials with the Mensur Badge of Courage Scars

Post by stint » 06 Jun 2006 23:13

Skorzeny's bragging scar (Renommierschmisse) always interested me.
I am aware that many of you here are well versed in this tradition, but I was never aware of its real significance.
I also could not help but draw parallels to today's body piercings, done with similiar motivation.

I educated myself with the following from the internet, and welcome observations from others here, much more knowledgeable than I.
For a German, the badge of courage was the duelling scar mostly on the left side of the face, where blows would fall from a right-handed duellist. This was the up-market tattoo of the day borne by a generation of doctors, jurists, professors and officials, certifying the owner’s claim to manly stature and cultivated rank. Motivation to obtain the duelling scar that it was certain to attract the pretty girls because it signified virility and breeding. Schmisse were the products of male vanity and were regarded as jewellery because they guaranteed the wearer an active love life for the rest of their days..

I also assume the following members of the heirarchy had this badge of courage ?
Dr Katz
Paul Wagener
Adolf Wagner
Graf Pucker
Gen. Krebs
Oberst Steinhoff
Oberst Kopfer
Other Prominent Persons ??

Finally, Kaltenbrunner's very visible scar was result of auto accident, and not Renommierschmiss ?

Regards and Thanks

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