Theodor Berkelmann

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Theodor Berkelmann

Post by thomas » 13 Nov 2002 14:17

Dear all

I have one problem with his bio. This problem i found on two homepages, this one of Michael Miller and the Homepage Deutsche Polizei.

Here is the problem:

Both site tells that he joined the SS 1.3.1931. But in the promotions part they write that entered directly as an SS-Standartenführer and gives the date of 1.3.1932. Which date is correct ???

Thank you all for an short answer.



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Requin Marteau
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Post by Requin Marteau » 13 Nov 2002 16:26

Born : 17 April 1894 at Matinsbann, near Metz,

Joint armee (October 1913), Leutnant d. Res (1914),

NSDAP (128245) May 1929,
SS (6019) 1st March 1931,
23. SS Standarte until 15 June 1931,
SA STAF (15 juin 1931),
SS STAF (1st March 1932),
Himmler Adjutant,
Stabsführer SS Gruppe Nord (1st October 1932-1st April 1933),
Kdr SS Abschnitt VI,
SS OFHR (30 January 1934),
SS BRIG FHR (9 September 1934),
Kdr SS Oberabschnitt Elbe (1st April 1936-20 April 1940),
HSSPF Elbe (28 June 1938-20 April 1940),
SS GRUF (13 September 1936),
M.d.R. (April 1936-December 1943),
Kdr SS Oberabschnitt West u. HSSPF West,
HSSPF Rhein-Westmark (19 July 1940-11 November 1943),
Generalleutnant d. Polizei (10 April 1941),
SS OGRUF (30 January 1942),
HSSPF Warthe (11 September-27 December 1943),
Kdr SS Oberabschnitt Warthe until died 23 December 1943 at Posen.

Verwundeten Abzeichen in Schwarz,
Ehrenkreuz des Weltkrieges 1914-1918 mit Schwertern,
Goldenes Parteiabzeichen,
Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 13 März 1938,
Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1 Oktober 1938,
KVK-II mit Schwertern,
KVK-I mit Schwertern,
Dienstauszeichnungen d. NSDAP in Silber,
SS-Dienstauszeichnungen 12 jahr.

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Post by thomas » 14 Nov 2002 06:11

Dear Renquin Marteau

Thanks for these detailed informations !!
So he was about one year SS-Anwärter and SS-Man. Is this correct ???



Georges JEROME
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Post by Georges JEROME » 14 Nov 2002 17:46

Hi all,

good and unique date is 15.6.31
the confusion came from a wrong reading of the SS Dienstlaufbahn of Theo Berkelmann which was presented like this

Datum dienstgrad truppenteil inhalt der verfugung

1931 15.6 SS Staf Reichsführer SS -
1932 6.3 SS Staf Reichsfûhrer SS Adjudant

the column "dienstgrad" repeat the current grade at each line



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