Feldkommandantur in Mil.verwaltungsbezirk B (Frankreich)

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Re: Feldkommandantur in Mil.verwaltungsbezirk B (Frankreich)

Post by Georges JEROME » 12 Dec 2020 17:47

Dave Danner wrote:
05 Aug 2018 09:44
It might be Karl Kloß, who was a Reichswehr officer who retired as an Oberstleutnant. He was born in 1877, so he might be too old. If he was 65-year old Oberst z.V. in 1942, he likely would have been retired around then on age grounds, so he's still a possibility.
Dave is right.

according a french book "les allemands en Touraine" dealing with old officers appointed as FK
Kloss is mentionned 1877
Boehmer is mentionned 1882

two mentions in HPV wrote "Kloss" (promotion as Oberst on 1.12. 1940 and released from FK on 20.6.1942)

add datas welcome !
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