NOTICE: On the posting of photos to the Forum

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NOTICE: On the posting of photos to the Forum

Post by Michael Miller » 05 Jun 2007 17:02

Just a quick but very important note regarding posting of photos:

Please- in EVERY case: If you post a photo, provide the exact source of that photo. If it is from another website, post the precise URL from which you obtained it. If it is from a magazine, book, CD-Rom, newspaper, your private collection (and please be HONEST- if it is NOT from your private collection, do not state that it is), post that information. Photos posted on this forum are subject to deletion without warning. As an example, ALL photos from the collection of the late Walter Frentz (copyright of which is held by his notoriously- and perhaps justly- litigious son) will be deleted on sight by this moderator. This measure is intended for the protection of AHF and all members thereof.

The following are the official forum rules concerning image posting (from ):

Posting images

We realize that many members have collections of photographs, or photographs of museum items, militaria or scale models. Such images are welcome and the rules below do not generally apply to them. To avoid confusion, however, we recommend that you mark your image(s) or note in the post that the image(s) are from your personal collection. Members should still observe the guidelines regarding very large images, in respect for members with slow connections or small screen resolutions.

Excessive images
Only post enough images to make your point. This will in most cases be no more than 2 - 3 images, and you must always be able to explain why you have posted any image. If posting more than 5 images in one thread, you must have a very clear reason for doing so.

Attached images
When attaching images to your posts, always make sure that they include
The name of the seller (for eBay and similar auctions)
The author and title of the book (for images scanned from books)
The name of the forum they were found on and the username of the user who posted it (if found in another online forum)
The website address they were found on, and a link to the website (if found on a website) (if the image is still available there, please link to it or use the [img] tags instead of attaching it)

Images from books should be no more than two,due to copyright laws,with full credit given.

Linked images
If you link directly to images be sure to include both a link to the page where the image was found, and a link to the main page of the website.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

~ Mike Miller

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