What SS rank had Dr Gerhard Klopfer

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What SS rank had Dr Gerhard Klopfer

Post by WojtekK » 25 Dec 2002 16:31

Was Klopfer SS-Gruppenführer
Maybe he was only SS-Brigadeführer?


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Post by Simon » 25 Dec 2002 16:47

Dr Gerhard Klopfer was promoted to SS-Gruppenführer 9.11.1944.

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St.Sek. / SS-Gruf. Dr. jur. Gerhard Klopfer

Post by Michael Miller » 25 Dec 2002 16:59

Here is some additional information on Dr. Klopfer (sources include his SS-Personalakt on microfilm at NARA II/College Park, MD and the Italian "olokaustos" website).

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~ Mike Miller / ABR

Dr. jur.
Gerhard Klopfer
Staatssekretär /
SS-Gruppenführer /
Oberdienstleiter der NSDAP

Born: 18. February 1905 in Schreibersdorf / Schlesien.
Died: 28. January 1987 in Heilbronn.

NSDAP-Nr.: 1 706 842
(Joined 10. April 1933)
SS-Nr.: 272 227
(Joined 15. September 1935)

SS-Gruppenführer: 9. November 1944
SS-Brigadeführer: 30. January 1942
SS-Oberführer: 20. April 1941
SS-Standartenführer: 20. April 1939
SS-Obersturmbannführer: 30. January 1939
SS-Sturmbannführer: 30. January 1937
Gefreiter d.R. & Unteroffizier-Anwärter: ca. 1936
SS-Hauptsturmführer: 20. April 1936
SS-Obersturmführer: 9. November 1935
SS-Untersturmführer: 15. September 1935

Attended Gymnasium in Lauban; obtained Abitur: 1922. Reichswehr service as Zeitfreiwilliger (temporary volunteer) in Artillerie-Regiment 5 (Ulm): December 1923. Studied law and political science at University of Breslau, then University of Jena. Promotion to Dr. jur. from University of Jena (for doctoral thesis “Die Treupflicht des Arbeitnehmers im Arbeitsverhältnis” / The Obligation of Loyalty of the Worker in the Job Relationship): 1927. Joined NSDAP: 10. April 1933. SA service: 15. April 1933 -. Assigned to the Ministry of Interior, Düsseldorf: November 1933 -. Joined SS, attached to SD-Hauptamt (later Reichssicherheitshauptamt): 15. September 1935 - May 1945. Oberregierungsrat: . Hauptstellenleiter on the staff of the Stellvertreter des Führers (Rudolf Hess): . Reichsamtsleiter: . Reichsheer training, assigned to Ersatz-Bataillon 40 (Keising): June 1936 - July 1936 and 16.Kompanie / Infanterie-Regiment 20: 10. March 1937 - 4. May 1937 (as Gefreiter d.R. and Unteroffizier-Anwärter [NCO candidate]). Staatssekretär in the Parteikanzlei of the NSDAP (under Reichsleiter Martin Bormann): 1941 - May 1945.

Decorations & Awards:
Goldenes Parteiabzeichen: 30. January 1943
SA-Sportabzeichen in Bronze
Totenkopfring der SS

Postwar Activities:
Witness before the U.S. Military Tribunal, Nurnberg (“Wilhelmstrasse” Case), 20. September 1948. Interrogated by prosecutor Robert M.W. Kempner, he stated that he had never officially been informed of the extermination of Jews, but that he heard “rumors” about it. Slated for prosecution in a new U.S. Military Tribunal case, the plan to place him on trial was canceled due to the U.S. facing new priorities as it waged a “Cold War” with the Soviet Union. Evidence which had been prepared against Klopfer by U.S. authorities was handed over, along with additional documentation, to a German investigative commission. Klopfer settled in Ulm, resuming his law practice there in 1956. The District Attorney’s Office in Ulm, responding to pressure from the Central Office for the Prosecution of Nazi Crimes in Ludwigsburg, initiated inquiries into Klopfer’s role in the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question”. Proceedings against Klopfer were dropped once and for all on 29. January 1962, and Klopfer was to live longer than any other participant in the Wannsee Conference.

* Son of a farmer and district administrative chief.
* Foreign language proficiency: English and French.
* Married to Hilde Müller (born Aschersleben, 20. May 1911; member of NS-Frauenschaft). Four daughters (one born 14. July 1943)
* Representative of the Parteikanzlei at the Wannsee Conference on the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question”, Berlin, 20. January 1942.

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Post by WojtekK » 25 Dec 2002 17:24

Thanks to all! :D


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