4. Flakdivision

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4. Flakdivision

Post by ruine13 » 27 Dec 2010 14:19

Some (unfortunately undated) shots from a DVD. The guy with the camera is said to be the leader of the 4. Flakdivision. It could be Gerhard Hoffmann, but I only found one picture of him and I'm not sure.

1. August 1939 Generalmajor Maximilian von Renz (as Luftverteidigungskommando Düsseldorf )

1. September 1941 General Gerhard Hoffmann

5. März 1942 Generalleutnant Johannes Hintz

26. Februar 1944 Generalleutnant Ludwig Schilffarth

5. November 1944 Oberst Max Hecht

Any ideas?

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Dieter Zinke
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Re: 4. Flakdivision

Post by Dieter Zinke » 27 Dec 2010 15:05

Maybe Hoffmann is the hidden person at left in the first pic, but the guy(s) with the camera is/are never the Kdr. 4. Flak-Division - see his Kragenspiegel/collar patches !

Dieter Z.

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Elwyn W
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Re: 4. Flakdivision

Post by Elwyn W » 01 Jan 2011 00:22

Not v Renz's hair .. there are pics of him without cap. The man looked more like an Oberst than a Gen d Flak. So could be the kmdr of Flak Rgt 4, 14, 24 or 44?


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