Hauptamt Sicherheitspolizei

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Hauptamt Sicherheitspolizei

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I was looking to see if anyone knew who ran the offices of the Sicherheitspolizei Hauptamt. The organization of this hauptamt is shown below (to the best of my knowledge).



Main Bureau (Hauptburo - S-HB).
Private Office of Head of the Bureau.
Budget in so far as not dealt with by V.2 below.
Salaries, etc.
Official Requirements.

Administrative and Legal Division (Amt Verwaltung und Recht - V)
V.1 Organization and Law
V.2 Budget and Supply
V.3 Personnel I
V.4 Personnel II (Kripo)
V.5 Training
V.6 Passports and Identity Papers
V.7 Foreign Police Forces, Frontier Security, Correspondence on Legal Assistance in other countries in Police
or Criminal matters.
V.8 Armed Forces and National Defence
V.9 Technical Matters

Political Police Division (Amt Politische Polizei - PP)
PP.IIA Communism and other Marxist Groups
PP.IIB Churches, Sects, Emigres, Jews, Freemasons
PP.IIC Reaction, Opposition, Austrian Affairs
PP.IID Protective Custody, Concentration Camps.
PP.IIE Economic, Agricultural and Socio-Political Matters, Sociities
PP.IIG Radio Watch
PP.IIH Party Matters, Party Organizations and Afflilated Formations
PP.IIJ Foreign Political Police Forces
PP.IIBER Reports Section
PP.IIP Press
PP.IIS Suppression of Homosexuality and Abortion.
PP.III Counter Espionage

Criminal Police Division (Amt Kriminalpolizei - S-Kr)
S-Kr.1 - S-Kr.3
Sections dealing with all matters falling within the competence of the Criminal Police.

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Post by Phil Nix » 22 Jun 2003 10:56

Data from 1938
Leiter Heydrich
Stellve Leiter Siegfried Taubert to 30.1.1938 the Rudolf Best
Amt Verwaltung und recht Best
VI Dr Karl Zindel
V2 Dr Rudolf Siegert
V3 Hans Tesmer
V4 Johannes Thiele
V5 Johannes Thiele
V6 Ministerialrat Krause
V7 regierungsrat Dr Wetz
V8 Heinz Jost
V9 Walter Staudinger (Later Art Kdr LSSAH)
Amt Politische Polizei Heydrich
Vertreter fur der geschaftsbereich Innere Polit Pol Heinrich Muller
" " " " Abwehr Pol Rudolf best
Amt Pol Pol II Muller
Ref IIc Franz Josef Huber
Ref IIh Josef meisinger
Ref IIp Georg Klein
Ref IIs Josef meisinger
Amt Kripo Heydrich
Vertreter Arthur Nebe
Ref S-Kr 1 Min Rat Krause
Ref S-Kr 2 Dr Karl Zindel
Ref S-Kr 3 Johannes Thiele

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Thanks so much

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Thanks again...

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