Die Bandenkämpfer - Holders of Bandenkampfabzeichen

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Re: Die Bandenkämpfer - Holders of Bandenkampfabzeichen

Post by K.Kocjancic » 07 Dec 2021 21:27

Matt Gibbs wrote:
07 Dec 2021 11:34
Hoover wrote:
18 Feb 2019 15:41
Do anyone has infos about the BKA holders of the Kriegsmarine?
Kriegsmarine recipients would seem to be the most unusual- possibly neglected in research ? I'm afraid I'm guilty myself for not really being able to get a handle on this, I'm yet to really understand how the KM involvement would allow qualification or which theatres of operations.
One option is for KM land-based personnel (like guarding bases, or being responsible for security of a village/town), being engaged in fighting with local partisans. Second possibility could be sea-fighting against partisan "navy", as in case in the Adriatic, where Yugoslav partisans had their own "navy", composed of armed fishing boats, using them for ferrying personnel, equipment and supplies between mainland and islands. And there were times, where they were being engaged by the German boats. The third option is, that KM personnel was assigned to the infantry unit (under Heer or still under KM) in the latter stage of the war, and they engaged in the fighting with the partisans; this has happened in Yugoslavia, also.

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Re: Die Bandenkämpfer - Holders of Bandenkampfabzeichen

Post by Hoover » 14 Jan 2022 17:57

there were a lot of Kriegsmarine Security units, especially in Greece and in the Adri. I have one phot of a Matrose in tropical uniform and Bandenkampfabzeichen.

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Re: Die Bandenkämpfer - Holders of Bandenkampfabzeichen

Post by Matt Gibbs » 24 Mar 2022 15:37

I forgot how nice that Rosenor pic is there, Igor, as Mr Miller says, rare indeed.

I came for a periodical drop in to update myself on discoveries and found I've been a Forum member for over 20 years now 👍😁

Best wishes all.

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