Österreichs Generale im Deutschen Heer 1938-1945

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Österreichs Generale im Deutschen Heer 1938-1945

Post by Ken McCanliss » 16 Oct 2003 07:52

Anybody have a list of the 120 Austrian officers who served as generals in the German Wehrmacht during the Second World War (from the new book by M. Stein)?

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Post by Stauffenberg II » 16 Oct 2003 11:50


Sorry, don´t have the book.

But ... may I ask how many Austrian Generals you counted. I can only reach an amount of some 100. Maybe I can be of assistance.

Stauffenberg II

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Catalog description

Post by Ken McCanliss » 16 Oct 2003 18:24

The number 120 comes from a catalog description of this 403 page book by Marcel Stein, saying "This is a complete account of them." The book is listed by Helion and Company @ £39.95

Although I have a fairly lengthy list of these officers also, I can't come up with 120 either.

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Post by Glenn2438 » 16 Oct 2003 18:43


it actually says 121 in the introduction. However as there is not a complete list of the 121 produced it would be difficult to extract them all from the index at the back of this poorly laid out book.

My advice: Save your money if you are thinking of buying it. It is the worst Biblio Verlag book I own. It can no way compare with the superb "Generals" series and the detail contained in those volumes.

"This is a complete account of them." is unfortunately a gross overstatement. You will find more information on the vast majority of them by getting hold of a copy of Keilig. Here is one of the detailed biographies!

Generalmajor Hermann Zuleger: Jahrgang 1882. In die Wehrmacht als Generalmajor z.V. übernommen. Artillerie: 1939-1944 kleinere Kommandos, 1944 Arko, im gleichen jahr verabschiedet.


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Post by Ken McCanliss » 17 Oct 2003 00:33

Thanks, Glenn. Bye the way, I saw your post re Marshal of the Soviet Union Sokolovsky at the Austro-Hungarian Land Forces Discussion Forum. So was Sokolovsky born Austrian or Polish?

~ Ken

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Post by Glenn2438 » 17 Oct 2003 16:47


I personally am not convinced that the Austro-Hungarian Oberleutnant Wieslaw Ritter von Sokolovsky of FAR. 128 was the later Marshal Vasiliy Sokolovsky. Stein gives the birthdate of the Oberleutnant as 1891 whereas the sources I have seen for the Marshal state he was born in 1897. He would certainly have been too young to have made Oberleutnant der Reserve in the A-H Artillery by 1st November 1916.


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Post by Stauffenberg II » 23 Oct 2003 19:13


This is what I have re Austrian Generals in the Wehrmacht:

Generalfeldmarschall (xxxxx)
Böhm-Ermolli Freiherr von Eduard, GFM

Generaloberste (xxxx)
Löhr Alexander, Gen. Obst.
Raus Erhard, Gen. Obst.
Rendulic Dr. Lothar, Gen. Obst.

Generale (xxx)
Angelis de Maximilian, Gen. d. Art.
Beyer Eugen, Gen. d. Inf.
Böhme Franz, Gen. d. Geb. Tr.
Brantner Theodor, Gen. d. Kav.
Eglseer Karl, Gen. d. Geb. Tr.
Eimannsberger Ritter von Ludwig, Gen. d. Art.
Feurstein Valentin, Gen. d. Geb. Tr.
Glaise von Horstenau Edmund, Gen. d. Inf.
Hubicki Dr. Ritter von Alfred, Gen. d. Pz. Tr.
Materna Friedrich, Gen. d. Inf.
Nagy von Emmerich, Gen. d. Inf.
Ringel Julius, Gen. d. Geb. Tr.
Ruggera Camillo, Gen. d. FLAK-Artillerie
Waber Bernhard, Gen. d. Fl.
Wiktorin von Mauritz, Gen. d. Inf.

Generale (xxx) - not General Staff qualified
Eibl Karl, Gen. d. Inf. (p)
Felzmann Maximilian, Gen. d. Art.
Fröhlich Stefan, Gen. d. Fl.
Martinek Robert, Gen. d. Art.

Generalleutnante (xx)
Bornemann Karl, Gen. Lt.
Brauner von Haydringen Josef, Gen. Lt.
Eberle Rene, Gen. Lt.
Franek Dr. (von) Friedrich, Gen. Lt.
Hammer Ing. Ernst, Gen. Lt.
Haselmayr von Fernstein Theodor, Gen. Lt.
Hinghofer Dr. Walter, Gen. Lt.
Hofmann Erich, Gen. Lt.
Keil Rudolf, Gen. Lt.
Klepp Dr. Ernst, Gen. Lt.
Krischer von Wehregg Friedrich, Gen. Lt.
Kubena Ing. Johann, Gen. Lt.
Markgraf Emil, Gen. Lt.
Meißner Robert, Gen. Lt.
Mickl Johann, Gen. Lt.
Muhr Eduard, Gen. Lt.
Ortner Bruno, Gen. Lt.
Schönherr von Schönleiten Otto, Gen. Lt.
Sinzinger Adolf, Gen. Lt.
Stümpfl Heinrich, Gen. Lt.
Tarbuk von Sensenhorst Karl, Gen. Lt.
Wittas Ritter von Paul, Gen. Lt.
Zaiser Franz, char. Gen. Lt.
Zellner Emil, Gen. Lt.

Generalleutnante (xx) - not General Staff qualified
Adolph-Auffenberg-Komarow Gustav, Gen. Lt.
Aldrian Eduard, Gen. Lt.
Brunner Josef, Gen. Lt.
Busich Rudolf, Gen. Lt.
Feichtmeier Josef, Gen. Lt.
Höberth v. Schwarztal Eugen, Gen. Lt.
Kern Dr. Emil, Gen. Lt.
Kliszcz Ing. Otto, Gen. Lt.
Mikulicz Adalbert, Gen. Lt.
Moyses Karl, Gen. Lt.
Nake Albin, Gen. Lt.
Pichler Ferdinand, Gen. Lt.
Riebesam Ludwig, Gen. Lt.
Rossi Franz, Gen. Lt.
Schäfer Hugo, Gen. Lt.
Thym Heinrich, Gen. Lt.
Wolfsberger Franz, Gen. Lt.

Generalmajore (x)
Basler Moritz, Gen. Maj.
Brantner Karl, char. Gen. Maj.
Glasner Johann, Gen. Maj.
Klein Karl, Gen. Maj.
Koske Dr. Karl, Gen. Maj.
Kubitza Ing. Oskar, Gen. Maj. (p)
Lahousen von Vivremont Erwin, Gen. Maj.
Longin Anton, Gen. Maj.
Moro Ing. Friedrich, Gen. Maj.
Pauer von Arlau Ernst, Gen. Maj.
Pitreich Ritter von August, Gen. Maj. (Keilig: wrong DOB, correct: 1881)
Pohl Ing. Anton, Gen. Maj.
Punzert Josef, Gen. Maj.
Rudolf Franz, Gen. Maj.
Schmidt von Adalbert, Gen. Maj.
Schöbel Otto, Gen. Maj.
Sohn Roman, Gen. Maj.
Strahammer Martin, Gen. Maj.
Uhl Ernst, Gen. Maj.
Vodepp Felix, Gen. Maj.
Wessely von Marian, Gen. Maj.
Windisch (von) Alois, Gen. Maj.

Generalmajore und Konteradmirale (x) - not General Staff qualified
Adametz Johann, Gen. Maj.
Bacher Hermann, Gen. Maj.
Barton Gottfried, Gen. Maj.
Baumgartner Richard, Gen. Maj.
Coretti Julius, Gen. Maj.
Dedek Emil, Gen. Maj.
Dietinger Ing. Robert, Gen. Maj.
Dini Alexander, Gen. Maj.
Ebner Karl, Gen. Maj.
Fox Wilhelm, Gen. Maj.
Fucik Karl, Gen. Maj.
Gebauer Artur, Gen. Maj.
Geiger Rudolf, Gen. Maj.
Gerber von Zabernberg Alexander, Gen. Maj.
Gerloch Bruno, Gen. Maj.
Gerstmann Josef, Gen. Maj.
Grachegg Gustav, Gen. Maj.
Hotzy Otto, Gen. Maj.
Hyden Alfred, Gen. Maj.
Jackwerth Karl, Gen. Maj.
Janowski Hermann, Gen. Maj.
Janusz Johann, Gen. Maj.
Jenny von Wilhelm, Gen. Maj.
Jesser von Kurt, Gen. Maj.
Kammel Friedrich, Gen. Maj.
Kranjak Wilhelm, Gen. Maj.
Kratzer Franz, Gen. Maj.
Kräutler Matthias, Gen. Maj.
Krüpl Othmar, Gen. Maj.
Krziwanek von Johann, Gen. Maj.
Kuderna Julius, Gen. Maj.
Kurz Ritter von Karl, Gen. Maj.
Kuzmany Alfred, Gen. Maj.
Lechner Heinrich, Gen. Maj.
Leeb Leopold, Gen. Maj.
Löderer von Karl, Gen. Maj.
Lontschar Adalbert, Gen. Maj.
Luschnig Viktor, Gen. Maj.
Luth zu der Rudolf, Gen. Maj.
Magoy Josef, Gen. Maj.
Manussi von Montesole Hans, Gen. Maj.
Marcinkiewicz August, Gen. Maj.
Mayer Anton, Gen. Maj.
Meissner Dipl. Ing. Felix, Gen. Maj.
Meixner Dr. Paul, KAdm.
Morawetz Rudolf, Gen. Maj.
Müller-Rienzburg von Wilhelm, char. Gen. Maj.
Ortner-Weigand Rudolf, Gen. Maj.
Patzak Karl, Gen. Maj.
Plammer Adolf, Gen. Maj.
Polten August, Gen. Maj.
Poten von Ernst, Gen. Maj.
Prachensky August, Gen. Maj.
Pühringer Dr. Rudolf, Gen. Maj.
Pultar Josef, Gen. Maj.
Pummerer Leo, Gen. Maj.
Raab Matthias, Gen. Maj.
Rieder Ing., Gen. Maj.
Riva Erich, Gen. Maj.
Rügamer Ferdinand, Gen. Maj.
Schefold Hugo, Gen. Maj.
Schmidt Aurel, Gen. Maj.
Schmidt v. Luisingen August, Gen. Maj.
Schörgi Hugo, Gen. Maj.
Strecker Wilhelm, Gen. Maj.
Suschnig Gustav, Gen. Maj.
Tarbuk von Johann, Gen. Maj.
Theiß Rudolf, Gen. Maj.
Till Alfons, char. Gen. Maj.
Ubl Bruno, Gen. Maj.
Unger Anton, Gen. Maj.
Vogel Walter, Gen. Maj.
Vichytil Josef, Gen. Maj.
Walland Eugen, Gen. Maj.
Weiß Wilhelm, Gen. Maj.
Zäpffel Alexander, Gen. Maj.
Zednicek Franz, Gen. Maj.
Zuleger Hermann, Gen. Maj.

Maybe this is of help. Total: 163 entries. Probably still some guys missing ... .

Best regards,
Stauffenberg II
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Post by Stauffenberg II » 24 Oct 2003 09:44

Have edited the list now to include 157 entries.

Stauffenberg II

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Post by Stauffenberg II » 28 Oct 2003 17:09

Have added Glaise and Vichytil to include now 159 persons.

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Re: List

Post by Ken McCanliss » 30 Oct 2003 08:02

Great list! Many thanks. Now I won't have to buy the book (not that I was going to).

~ Ken

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Post by Stauffenberg II » 10 Nov 2003 15:14

Have edited the list to include now 163 entries. Added Thym, Till and Walland and the following "special bonus" (in German language), which is not included in Keilig:

Gen. Maj. Adalbert von Schmidt
Geb.: 26.09.1886, in Prag
Gest.: 04.06.1955, in Eisenstadt
Ruhestand: 31.10.1938
im Generalstab

Lt. 18.08.1907, K. u. K. Dragoner-Regiment No. 1
Olt. 01.11.1912
Hptm. 01.09.1915
Tit. Maj. 01.07.1920
Obstlt. a. D. 01.01.1921
Obstlt. 01.12.1921
Obst. 24.04.1930
Gen. Maj.: 22.12.1936

01.08.1933: Stellvertreter des Kommandeurs der 3. Brigade (zuget. Offz.)
01.06.1935: Kommandeur Infanteriebrigade der 3. Division
01.10.1936: Kommandeur Kraftfahrjägerbrigade der Schn. Division
01.04.1937: Kommandeur Kavalleriebrigade der Schn. Division
23.05.1938: kdt. zur Wehrersatzinspektion Dresden
01.06.1938: Kdr. Wehrersatzinspektion Ober-Donau (Linz A/D)
01.09.1938: Offiziere z. Vfg. d. OBdH

Foto in dt. Uniform im Fürsorge- und Versorgungsakt des Kriegsarchiv Wien enthalten!


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Österreichs Generale im Deutschen Heer 1938-1945

Post by Frech » 05 Jun 2010 14:32


I have cross-indexed different lists with my own files and sources. So I could add some new names to Stauffenberg´s extensive list. Esp. I added some names which I could find in Glenn Jewisons short bios of Austrian generals from WW1 who became charaterized German generals in 1938 or 1939 (Tannenberg-generals). I have structured my list into the parts "Heer", "Luftwaffe" and "Kriegsmarine" (which is a short one at all) and tried to add the other branches like medic, veterinarian, administration and technicians.

I hope to motivate some of you to dig further more names out or just to clarify or correct my list. I am quite sure that Glenn could provide some more names from his files regarding the old Austrian army before 1918.

Heer – all branches and ranks: 157
Luftwaffe – all branches and ranks: 29
Kriegsmarine – all branches and ranks: 1
Heer, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine overall 187

Heer – Generalfeldmarschall 1

Böhm-Ermolli Eduard Freiherr von, char. GFM:

Heer – Generalobersten 2

Raus Erhard, GenObst (1):
Rendulic Dr. Lothar, GenObst (2):

Heer – Generale der *...* 18

Angelis Maximilian de, GdA (1):
Bardolff Dr. Karl (Freiherr von), char. GdI (16):
Beyer Eugen GdI (2):
Böhme Franz, GdGebTrp (3):
Brantner Theodor, GdK (4):
Eglseer Karl, GdGebTrp (5):
Eibl Karl, GdI (6): not Eibel
Eimannsberger Ludwig (Ritter von), GdA (7):
Felzmann Maximilian, GdA (8):
Feurstein Valentin, GdGebTrp (9):
Glaise von Horstenau Dr.h.c. Edmund, char. GdI (10):
Hubicki Dr. Alfred (Ritter von), GdPzTrp (11):
Martinek Robert, GdA (12):
Materna Friedrich, GdI (13):
Nagy Emmerich (von), GdI (14):
Ringel Julius, GdGebTrp (15):
Wiktorin Mauritz (von), GdI (17):
Zeidler Ing. Erwin (Freiherr von Görz), char. GdI (18):

HEER – Generalleutnante: 41

Adolph-Auffenberg-Komarow Gustav, Genlt (1):
Aldrian Eduard, Genlt (2):
Bornemann Karl, Genlt (3):
Brauner (von Haydringen Joseph), Genlt (4):
Busich Rudolf, Genlt (5):
Eberle Rene, Genlt (6):
Ellison Ing. Otto (Freiherr von Nidlef), char. Genlt (32):
Feichtmeier Josef, Genlt (33):
Franek Dr. Friedrich, Genlt (7):
Hammer Ing. Ernst, Genlt (8):
Haselmayer Theodor Edler von Fernstein, Genlt (9):
Hinghofer Dr. Walter, Genlt (10):
Höbert Eugen (Edler von Schwarzthal), GM z.V. (34):
Hofmann Erich, Genlt (11):
Hospodarz Eduard (Freiherr von), char. Genlt (35):
Keil Rudolf, Genlt (12):
Kern Dr. Rudolph, Genlt (36):
Klepp Dr. Ernst, Genlt (13):
Kliszcz Ing. Otto, Genlt (14):
Krischer Friedrich (Edler von Wehregg), Genlt (15):
Kubena Ing. Johann, Genlt (16):
Leitner Dr.-Ing. Karl, Genlt (17):
Markgraf Emil, Genlt (18):
Meissner Robert, Genlt (19):
Mickl Johann, Genlt (20):
Mikulicz Adalbert, Genlt (21):
Moyses Karl, char. Genlt (22):
Muhr Eduard, Genlt (37):
Nake Albin, Genlt (23):
Ortner Bruno, Genlt (24):
Pichler Ferdinand, Genlt (25):
Riebesam Ludwig, Genlt (26):
Rossi Franz, Genlt (27):
Schäfer, Genlt (38):
Schönherr Otto (von Schönleiten), Genlt (27):
Sinzinger Adolf, Genllt (28):
Stenzel Hugo, Genlt (29):
Stümpfl Heinrich, Genlt (30):
Tarbuk Karl (von Sensenhorst), Genlt (39):
Thym Heinrich, Genlt (40)
Wittas Paul, Genlt (41)
Zellner Emil, Genlt (31):

HEER – Generalmajore: 86

Bacher Hermann, GM (1):
Barton Gottfried, GM (2):
Basler Moritz, GM (3):
Baumgartner Richard, GM (4):
Bollbrinker Dipl.Ing. Ernest, GM (5): ???
Brantner Karl, char. GM (6):
Coretti Julius, GM (79):
Dedek Emil, GM (7):
Dietinger, GM (8):
Ebner Karl, GM (9):
Fucik Karl, GM (11):
Gebauer Artur, GM (12):
Geiger Rudolf, GM (13):
Gerber (Edler von Zabernberg) Alexander, GM (14):
Gerloch Gruno, GM (80):
Gerstmann Josef, GM (15):
Glasner Johann, GM (16):
Grachegg Gustav, GM (81):
Hofmann Oskar, char. GM (10):
Hotzy Otto, GM (17):
Hyden Alfred, GM (19):
Jackwerth Karl, GM (20):
Janowski Ing. Hermann, GM (21):
Janusz Johann, GM (22):
Jesser Kurt, GM (23):
Kammel Friedrich, GM (24):
Klein Karl, GM (25):
Koske Dr. Karl, GM (26):
Krätzer Franz, GM (27):
Kräutler Mathias, GM (28):
Kranjak Wilhelm, GM (29):
Krüpl Othmar, GM (30):
Krummel Adolf, GM (31):
Kubitza Ing. Oskar, GM (32):
Kurz Karl (Ritter von), GM (33):
Kuzmany Alfred, GM (34):
Lahousen Erwin (Edler von Vivremont), GM (35):
Lechner Heinrich, GM (36):
Leeb Leopold, GM (37):
Longin (18)
Lontschar Alfred, GM (38):
Luschnig Viktor, GM (39):
Luth Rudolf (zu der), GM (82):
Magoy Josef, GM (40):
Manussi Hans (Edler von Montesole), GM (41):
Marcinkiewicz August, GM (42):
Meissner Ing. Felix, GM (43):
Morawetz Rudolf, GM (44):
Moro Ing. Friedrich, GM (45):
Patzak Karl, GM (46):
Pauer Ernst (von Arlau), GM (47):
Pitreich August (Ritter von), GM z.V. (48):
Plammer Adolf, GM z.V. (49):
Pohl Ing. Anton (83):
Polten August, GM z.V. (50):
Poten Ernst (von), GM (51):
Prachensky August, GM (52):
Pühringer Dr. Rudolf, GM (53):
Pummerer Leo, GM z.V. (54):
Raab Mathias, GM (55):
Rieder Ing. , GM (56):
Ritter René, GM (57):
Rügamer Ferdinand, GM (84):
Schäfer Hugo, GM (58):
Schefold Hugo, GM (59):
Schmidt August (Edler von Luisingen), GM z.V. (60):
Schmidt Aurel, GM (61):
Sohn Roman, GM (62):
Stiotta Max (Edler von Heckenjos), GM (63):
Strahammer Martin, GM (64):
Strecker Wilhelm, GM (65):
Strohmaier Hubert, GM (66):
Suschnig Gustav, GM (68):
Tarbuk Johann (von Sensenhorst), GM (67):
Theiß Rudolf, GM (85):
Ubl Bruno, GM (69):
Unger Anton, GM z.V. (70):
Vogel Walter, GM (86):
Walland Eugen, GM (74):
Weiß Wilhelm, GM (71):
Wessely Marian (von), GM z.V. (72):
Windisch Alois, GM (73):
Wolfsberger Franz, GM (75):
Zäpffel Alexander, GM z.V. (76):
Zednicek Franz, GM (77):
Zuleger Hermann, GM (78):

Heer – Ärzte im Generalsrang 5


Kofler Dr. Ferdinand, GenStbA:
Schmidt-Hofmann, Dr. Hans, GenStbA:
Zimmer, Dr. Arthur, GenStbA:


Albrecht Dr. Othmar, GenA:
Angermayer Dr. Erwin (Edler von Rebenberg), GenA:
Bundsmann Dr. Otto, GenA:
Glaser Prof. Dr. Erhard, char. GenA:
Hinteregger Dr. Johann, GenA:
Nickl, Dr. Gottfried, GenA z.V.:

Heer – Veterinäroffiziere im Generalsrang 2

Generalveterinär: 2

Hubmair Dr. Karl, GenVet:
Pindur, Dr. Josef, GenVet z.V.

Heer – Intendanzoffiziere im Generalsrang 1


Forstner Hugo, GenInt:

Heer - Richter im Generalsrang 1

Gruber Dr. Karl, Reichskriegsgerichtsrat:

Luftwaffe – all branches and ranks 29

Luftwaffe – Generaloberst 1

Löhr Alexander, GenObst:

Luftwaffe – General der *...* 3

Fröhlich Stefan, GdFl:
Ruggera Kamillo, GdFlakArt:
Waber Bernhard, GdFl ():

Luftwaffe – Generalleutnant 2

Brunner Josef, Genlt:
Zaiser Franz, Genlt:

Luftwaffe – Generalmajor 19

Adametz Johann, GM ():
Dini Alexander, GM:
Jenny Wilhelm (von), GM:
Krziwanek Johann (Edler von), GM:
Kuderna Julius, GM:
Löderer Karl (von), GM:
Mayer Anton, GM:
Müller-Rienzburg Wilhelm (von), GM ():
Ortner-Weigand Rudolf, M ():
Pultar Josef, GM:
Punzert Josef, GM:
Riva Erich, GM:
Rudolf Franz, GM:
Schöbel Otto, GM:
Schörgi Hugo, GM:
Till Alfons, char. GM:
Uhl Ernst, GM:
Vodepp Felix, GM:
Voitl Maximilian, GM:

Luftwaffe – Generalingenieur 1

Hämmerle Hans, GenIng:

Luftwaffe – Generalintendant 2

Enzmann August, GenInt:
Urrisk Rudolf, GenInt:

Luftwaffe – Generalarzt: 2

Mader Dr. Rudolf (Edler von Manilova), GenA:

Kriegsmarine 1


Meixner Paul, KA:


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Re: Österreichs Generale im Deutschen Heer 1938-1945

Post by Dieter Zinke » 05 Jun 2010 17:10

Great work,
thank you very much :)

A little correction:
Pauer Ernst (von Arlau), GM (47)

Dieter Z.

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Re: Österreichs Generale im Deutschen Heer 1938-1945

Post by Frech » 05 Jun 2010 18:08

Thank you, Dieter!

This time I have to stand corrected - werde es zuhaus zu rühmen wissen!


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Re: Österreichs Generale im Deutschen Heer 1938-1945

Post by Elwyn W » 05 Jun 2010 20:02

Awesome work. Thank you very much indeed.


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