Österreichs Generale im Deutschen Heer 1938-1945

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Re: Österreichs Generale im Deutschen Heer 1938-1945

Post by Frech » 02 Oct 2019 03:07

I can add following details:

Adasiewicz was Infanterieinspektor from 01.01.1932 - 30.11.1933

18.05.1933 versetzt in den dauernden Ruhestand mit 31.05.1933 [BMfHW Erl. Zl. 10.918-Präs v. 18.05.1933]
22.05.1933 annulliert die Versetzung in den dauernden Ruhestand [BMfHW Erl. Zl. 11.176-Präs v. 20.05.1933]
01.06.1933 versetzt zum 6. Brig.Kdo [VBl. 8/1933 v. 31.05.1933, Erl. 11-176-Präs. v. 20.05.1933]
30.09.1933 versetzt in den dauernden Ruhestand [VBl. 26/1933 v. 02.10.1933. Erl. 21.710-Präs. v. 02.09.1933]

Bruckner (NSR-member):
19.05.1933 vers. zum AJR 7 [VBl. 8/1933]
19.05.1933 vers. zum FJB 2 [VBl. 8/1933]
19.05.1933 vers. zum AJR 8 [VBl. 8/1933]
31.12.1933 vers. in den zeitlichen Ruhestand (1 Jahr) [VBl. 31/1933]
Willam (NSR-member):
19.05.1933 vers. zum FJBzR 1 [VBl. 8/1933]

So it all makes sense together with the newspaper. Thank you.



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Johann Simmler

Post by JakeV » 31 Dec 2019 17:38

Although it hardly adds anything substantial, I was able to take a look at the Heiratseintrag of Johann Simmler. It contains the following note:

Tot erklärt 09.05.1945
StA Wien Innere Stadt-Mariahilf 2438/47

So it looks like he was missing in action at the end of World War II and that his Sterbeurkunde was issued by the Standesamt Wien Innere Stadt-Mariahilf in 1947. Since some archival sources claim that he died on 27.08.1947, it would appear that he died in captivity (since the cirumstances are unclear, I'd say that most likely he became a prisoner of the Soviets).

Happy new year!


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