Oberst Bruno Bräuer

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Harm Wulf
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Oberst Bruno Bräuer

Postby Harm Wulf » 09 Dec 2004 18:45

I'm looking for photos and a biography of Oberst Bruno Bräuer. Someone can help me? Thank.

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Postby PF » 11 Dec 2004 13:58

There was a bio/picture in a book of German Parachute units-but I can't
remember the title

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Michael Miller
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Postby Michael Miller » 11 Dec 2004 17:45

Here is a link to his bio and photo: http://www.geocities.com/%7Eorion47/WEH ... BRUNO.html

~ Mike

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Dieter Zinke
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Postby Dieter Zinke » 12 Dec 2004 00:10

After the war the three commanders of the fortress Crete (“Festung Kreta“) General der Flieger Alexander Andrae, Bräuer and General der Infanterie Friedrich Wilhelm Müller were accused as war criminals by a special court in Greece.

Andrae was sentenced to four times lifelong imprisonment and additionally ten years, amnesty and released 1952.
Bräuer and Müller were sentenced to death by the special court in Athens on 09.12.1946.
In the Bräuer-case: Three jurors voted pro.
In the Müller-case: All the jurors voted pro.
The king of Greece refused in the Bräuer-case the amnesty.
The execution was on 20.05.1947 in Chaidari near Athens, it was the 6th anniversary-day of the beginning of the invasion to Crete.

An excellent information is in the book:
Marlen von Xylander “Die deutsche Besatzungsherrschaft auf Kreta 1941 - 1945“ , herausgegeben vom Militärgeschichtlichen Forschungsamt (Einzelschriften zur Militärgeschichte, 32), Verlag Rombach Freiburg, 1989

Kommandant der Festung Kreta:
09.06.1941 - 29.08.1942 General der Flieger Alexander Andrae
06.09.1942 - 00.04.1944 General der Fallschirmtruppe Bruno Bräuer
08.04.1944 - 20.04.1944 deputy Generalleutnant Karl-Erik Koehler
00.04.1944 - 31.05.1944 General der Fallschirmtruppe Bruno Bräuer
00.06.1944 - 22.09.1944 General der Infanterie Friedrich Wilhelm Müller
22.09.1944 Oberst Georg Benthack: Kommandant “Fester Platz Kreta“
13.10.1944 - 28.05.1945 Generalmajor Georg Benthack: Kommandant “Kernfestung Kreta“


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Postby ccj » 09 Jul 2006 18:09

Does anyone have pictures of Generalmajor Benthack wearing his RK?

As for his other decroations I have read somewhere that he was awarded a few Italian and Bulgarian orders but i can't remember where or find any information about this. Can anyone help with this?

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