General Kussin death in 1944

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Generalmajor Friedrich Kussin (1895-1944)

Post by askropp » 07 May 2017 18:37

Kussin had been an Eisenbahnpionier officer until he fell out with transport chief Gercke. Note the sarcastic comment by HPA Oberst Menneking in the Beurteilung from the Generalskartei:
P.S. I'm sorry, I forgot to translate. Gercke said: "His performance while leading the Regiment [Eisenbahnpionierregiment 8] was not of such a kind that a further employment seemed advisable. Consequently, he was released to the Führerreserve." This amounts to a not too politely phrased dismissal. Menneking commented: "This is the well known, typical kick [into the butt] from the Transport Chief." Apparently, Kussin was by no means the first case of such a Beurteilung from Gercke.
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Re: General Kussin death in 1944

Post by Revellations » 07 May 2017 21:59

German is not my natural language but he is referring to Kussin as nothing better than a foot step of Menneking? Where do these comments come from? A report on Kussin or somewhere else? Thanks for sharing.



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