Luftnachrichten-Regiment 200

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Re: Luftnachrichten-Regiment 200

Post by redcell » 13 Feb 2018 20:39

I have informations about a location of a radar station: it was in Petrovia (now Croatia); commander was Captain Fuchs (surnamed Istria Fox).
Italians were in a strange position: they had both Italian and German uniforms; they were German Luftwaffe for sure: in 1994 or so on some of them received letters from Bundeswehr with instructions on how to use their tour of duty period under Luftwaffe for occupational pension.

On 9th September 1944 some of them were boarded on San Marco steamship travelling from Umago (now Croatia) to Trieste. From Trieste Italian personnel would have to go to attend a radar course at Villa Masieri in Tricesimo near Udine (Italy). But steamship was engaged and sinked by English RAF fighters. After this seems radar course was suspended.

Other news: there were a camouflated station (it seems a fisherman's house) near Bibione (Italy) an air sighting station managed by Italians of Luftnachrichten-Regiment 200: they had to count and identify planes going to bomb Germany and Italy (planes was flying over this place as this was the airway I suppose). Often they wasn't wearing uniforms to avoid being identified by escort fighters flying over.

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