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Unit Information

Post by sharkbit » 15 Apr 2018 19:14

First time poster here.
I am trying to find out some information on a unit and am hoping some of the expertise on this forum might be able to help.

My uncle(mom's brother) passed away in January. My mom acquired a tool box with photos and other things that belonged to her uncle. He was in the US 45th Infantry Division during WW 2. Unfortunately he passed away in 1978 and my mom knows very little about him.

There was a group of pictures that included some that obviously came from a German soldier. How he came to have these, we will probably never know. I may try to post the photos in a separate post. They are very interesting.

One of them was of a German soldier's grave. On the cross was the unit he was in. I am curious about information concerning this unit as it may give me an idea of how my mom's uncle came about having these photo's.
After magnifying the picture it appears that the unit on the cross reads: 1 Baltze. S. Art. Abt. 427 (The "Baltze" is blurry and hard to make out so that may be incorrect.)

I am assuming it is 1 Battery Heavy Artillery Battalion 427.

The date of death is 13.1.1944.

Any information that anyone may be able to provide concerning that unit around that time frame would be greatly appreciated. I know there are books out there I can use but I came across this forum during some internet searches and thought I'd give it a try.
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Re: Unit Information

Post by Glynwed » 16 Apr 2018 11:14

Hallo, according to list of German fallen soldiers, Wachtmeister Johann Bachhuber (*3.9.1908, München) died at Toporino village - probably Топорино (Тапорына) / NW from Vitebsk (Віцебск) / Belarus.

1. Baltze => probably 1. Battr. (1st battery)

According to Tessin, this Abteilung was at Eastern Front (June 44 at Lublin; January 45 ar Vistula river; April 45 at Cottbus (4. PzArmee).

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Re: Unit Information

Post by DirkAH » 16 Apr 2018 21:04


s.Art.Abt. 427 was transfered from LV. A.K. under A.O.K. 9 to Pz.A.O.K. 3 in early January 1944 so NW Vitebsk would fit.

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