How close to the front line would motorized infantry dismount?

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Re: How close to the front line would motorized infantry dismount?

Post by Duncan_M » 11 Sep 2019 16:11

Sheldrake wrote:
11 Sep 2019 09:50
Guderian was the commander of a Panzer Army, that provided one arm of the pincers that encircled Soviet forces in the pockets of 1941 that netted some 3,000,000 PW. There were other panzer and infantry armies. These were huge operations spread over areas bigger than some US States. How was a single army commander responsible for the operations of an army group? Which orders did Guderian disobey that allowed the Red army to escape? Are you for real or is this a wind up?
There were well over a dozen other generals who commanded panzer armies throughout the war, anyone of them could have done what Guderian did in 1941, especially considering Panzer Gruppe Guderian was the strongest of all four. Had he followed orders and been a team player they'd have netted even more POWs. Guderian blatantly disobeyed Bock and Kluge (at the short time he was placed in command of both Hoth and Guderian) especially during the battle of Smolensk, when Guderian refused to close the encirclement and instead pressed out, on his own initiative, to Yelnya.

Go read David Stahel's Operation Barbarossa and Germany's Defeat in the East, about half the book is Guderian disobeying superiors and doing his own thing.

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Re: How close to the front line would motorized infantry dismount?

Post by Harro » 11 Sep 2019 20:38

Sarge3525 wrote:
04 Sep 2019 12:53
Let's also not forget the German kradschuetzen (motorcycle sharpshooters) with the guy in the side-car with an MG.
In video footage they show them going full speed, swerving, and gunning at the same time, and dismounting at the last moment and using the inertia to continue the infantry assault.
Kradschützen were no "sharpshooters". They were simply light infantry mounted on motorcycle-combinations intended mainly for reconnaissance tasks.

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