26. VG-Div., Füsilier-Rgt. 39, Flamiere, Dec. 23 19444

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26. VG-Div., Füsilier-Rgt. 39, Flamiere, Dec. 23 19444

Post by dsenebrecht » 14 Feb 2020 23:34

trying to figure out details of a battle at Flamierge, west of Mande St. Etienne on December 23, 1944. The overall unit was 26. Volksgrenadierdivision commanded by Kokott attacking 401st Glider Infantry. Was supported by 2. Panzer-Division.

Research says US was attacked by about 10-15 Panzers along with troops of Füsilier-Regiment 39 of 26. VGD.

-would the Fusiliers have attacked using 75mm Leichte Infanterie geschuetz as well?
-would they have had halftracks?

Research also indicates that Kokott had the 26th Recon Battalion attack as well? Would they have been on foot? use armored cars? haltracks? thx, Dan

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