Units and/or divisions of the following W-SS dead?

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Sid Guttridge
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Units and/or divisions of the following W-SS dead?

Post by Sid Guttridge » 20 Sep 2019 10:51

Hi Guys,

Can anyone help with the units and/or divisions of the following W-SS dead?

Alois Hoop - 19 years old
Alwin Mussner - 25 years old
Rupert Biedermann - 21 years old
Josef Goswin Nutt - 30 years old

Karl Vogt - 24 years old
Walter Wohlwend - 36 years old
Ferdinand Nipp - 19 years old

Many thanks in advance for any assistance,



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Re: Units and/or divisions of the following W-SS dead?

Post by hucks216 » 23 Sep 2019 12:10

Can't pin them down to any units I'm afraid. Would you happen to have the dates of birth and/or death?

I looked on Volksbund to see if they are mentioned and try to pin their death down to a specific area which might help in trying to find out what SS units were in the area but in some cases the entries don't have enough information to be 100% certain it is them.


Alois Hoop - No mention of an Alois Hoop in the Volksbund Database. There is a Waldemar Friedrich Hoop, born June 1922 and killed April 1942 so was still 19, with a rank of Schütze which could indicate he was SS. Killed Omytschkino-Ramuschewo. There is also a Gerhard Hoop born March 1923 and listed as missing from 1st December 1942 in the Caucasus. No rank given.

Alwin Mussner/Mußner - No mention of anyone with that surname listed as being killed in 1942.

Rupert Biedermann - Born 25th April 1921 in Mauren. Killed 24th September 1942 in Biakowo. Buried at Korpowo War Cemetery in Block 30 of the unknowns. Rank SS-Sturmmann.

Josef Goswin Nutt - There is a Goswin Nutt listed and he was 30 years old. Born 9th April 1912 in Schaan. Killed 2nd June 1942 in Western Teremez/Komowo (Kolmowo ?). Listed as a Pionier. Body has never been recovered.


Karl Vogt - 37 Karl Vogt's listed as being killed in 1944. Three of those were born in 1920 and one of those is listed with a possible SS rank. Born 28th November 1920 in Zurich. Killed 2nd February 1944 (so was actually 23 at time of death) in Jaaksoni (Estonia) - first day of the Battle of Narva which involved multiple SS units. Buried in the Joehvi War Cemetery Block 1, Row 10, Grave 460.
A second Karl Vogt is listed as missing on 1st June 1944 in Russia. Born 23rd March 1920 and no other details given but would make him 24.

Walter Wohlwend - only one listed for 1944 and with an Wehrmacht rank of Gefreiter but age matches. Born 7th February 1908 in Nendein. Killed 31st July 1944 near Rzeszow. His body has never been recovered and remains in the area of Sedziszow Malopolski in southeast Poland.

Ferdinand Nipp - No one with that name listed. Only one Nipp listed as being killed in 1944 and that is Heinz Nipp but he was 30 years old.

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Re: Units and/or divisions of the following W-SS dead?

Post by lbraendle80 » 07 Apr 2021 14:07

Hi Sid
May I ask you why you are looking for Ferdinand Nipp? Where did you get the information that he was killed in 1944?
Maybe you can contact me by direct message.
Kind Regards,

Sid Guttridge
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Re: Units and/or divisions of the following W-SS dead?

Post by Sid Guttridge » 07 Apr 2021 14:41

Hi hucks216,

I owe you a massive apology for not acknowledging all your hard work on my behalf.

My only excuse is that the thread got buried among my other posts and I must have missed it. Only lbraendle80's new post drew my attention back to it.

Thank you very much indeed for your research. It is very much appreciated.

I can only apologise to you for my boorishness in not acknowledging this earlier.

I am very sorry.

In far too belated appreciation,


P.S. From their places of birth, Biedermann, Nutt and Wohlwend are clearly the right men, but I have no dates of birth, I am afraid.

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