What are Landesschützen?

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What are Landesschützen?

Post by Dimitrii » 11 Jun 2006 00:24

The term seems to come from the old Austria-Hungarian Army, but what what did it mean during WWII? It seems to have been a second-class kind of designation for units made up of older men?

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Post by Christoph Awender » 11 Jun 2006 05:09


As you said Landesschützen units got their personnel from older age classes and soldiers not totally fit for frontline duties. They were used to protect installations (depots, POW camps, concentration camps, bridges etc..) of all kind in the Reich and in some cases also in occupied territory.


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Post by shortguy54 » 11 Jun 2006 10:57


in earlier German armies, these units would have been termed "Landwehr", their personnel was generally drawn from the classes of 35-45 year-old men. The term "Landwehr" seems to have fallen out of fashion in immediate pre-war period, probably because the Landwehr did not enjoy high esteem during WWI. Landesschützen were generally held in mild contempt by front line soldiers, who commonly called them "Schützenbrüder" (i.e. rifle club members).

When battalions of Landesschützen were transferred to the Field Army they were generally redesignated as "Sicherungsbataillone", and in some cases received a better class of personnel and equipment.

The primary mission of Landesschützenbataillone in the interior was guarding POWs (1 battalion per Stalag).


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Re: What are Landesschützen?

Post by Fides Germania » 30 Sep 2023 22:28

Did they wear and distinctive insignia on their uniforms?

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