HEERESGRUPPE A order of battle 12.I.1945

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HEERESGRUPPE A order of battle 12.I.1945

Post by Minotauros » 13 Dec 2006 08:13


(HEERESGRUPPE MITTE from 26.1.1945)
(HQ in Kraków, then in Opole)

Generaloberst Josef Harpe 28.9.1944-17.1.1945

Chef des Generalstabes: Generalleutnant Wolf-Dietrich von Xylander

Heeresgruppe-Nachrichten Regiment 558

Heeresgruppen A–Arzt
Generalstabsarzt Prof. Dr. Med. Walther Kittel

General der Panzertruppen Walther Nehring

Arko 424
Korps-Nachrichtenabteilung 424
Korps-Nachschubtruppen 424
Korps-Pioniere Regiment Stab 424
424.Panzerpioniere Bataillon
Korps-Füsilier Regiment 424
Korps-Artillerie Regiment 424
63.Panzer-Feldersatz Regiment
424.Versorgungs Regiment

Schwere Panzerabteilung 424 – Major Saemisch
10.Panzergrenadier Division – Generalmajor Karl-Richard Kossmann
20.Panzergrenadier Division – Generalmajor Georg Scholze
16.Panzer Division – Generalleutnant Dietrich von Müller
17.Panzer Division – Oberst Albert Brux

General der Panzertruppen Siegfried Henrici

Arko 128
Korps-Nachrichtenabteilung 440
Korps-Nachschubtruppen 440
Korps-Feldersatz Bataillon 440

19.Panzer Division – Generalleutnant Hans Källner
25.Panzer Division – Generalmajor Oskar Audörsch
551.Volksgrenadier Division – Generalleutnant Siegfried Verhein

Wehrkreis Generalgouvernement
(HQ in Kraków)
General der Infanterie Siegfried Hänicke

Oberfeldkommandantur 581 (Radom) - Generalmajor Gustav Dürstein MIA on 27.1.1945
Standortkommandant Litzmannstadt (Łódź) – Generalmajor Hero Breusing 1.9.1944-19.1.1945 POW

General der Panzertruppen Fritz-Hubert Gräser

Höhere Arko 312 – Generalleutnant Rudolf Friedrich
Korück 585 – Generalleutnant Hans Kratzert
Armee-Arzt 4.Panzerarmee – Generalarzt Dr. Med. Karl August Vorberg
Armee-Nachrichten Regiment 4
Panzerarmee-Nachschubführer 4

General der Infanterie Hermann Recknagel [KIA 23.1.1945 near Piotrków Trybunalski]

Arko 442
Korps-Sturm Regiment 442
Korps-Nachrichtenabteilung 442
Korps-Nachschubtruppen 442
Korps-MG Bataillon 442

88.Infanterie Division – Generalmajor Carl Anders
72.Infanterie Division – Generalleutnant Dr. Hermann Hohn
291.Infanterie Division – Generalmajor Arthur Finger KIA on 27.1.1945
342.Infanterie Division – Generalleutnant Heinrich Nickel

General der Panzertruppe Maximilian Reichsfreiherr von Edelsheim

Arko 108
Korps-Nachrichtenabteilung 448
Korps-Nachschubtruppen 448
Feldgendarmerie Trupp 448

68.Infanterie Division – Generalleutnant Paul Scheuerpflug
168.Infanterie Division – Generalmajor Dr. Maximilian Rosskopf
304.Infanterie Division – Generalleutnant Ernst Sieler

(HQ in Łódź)
General der Infanterie Theodor Busse
Chef des Generalstabes: Generalmajor Helmut Staedtke

Höhere Arko 307
Korück 532 – Generalleutnant Friedrich Bernhard
Armee-Arzt 9.Armee – Generalarzt Dr. Med. Johannes Lieschke
Armee-Nachrichten Regiment 511
Armee-Nachschubführer 531

(HQ in Warszawa)
General der Artillerie Walter Hartmann

Arko 145 – Generalmajor Rudolf Henrici
Korps-Nachrichtenabteilung 48
Korps-Nachschubtruppen 408

6.Volksgrenadier Division – Generalleutnant Otto-Hermann Brücker
45.Volksgrenadier Division – Generalleutnant Richard Daniel
251.Infanterie Division – Generalleutnant Werner Heucke

(HQ in Ożarów Mazowiecki)
General der Panzertruppen Martin Fries

Arko 101
Korps-Nachrichtenabteilung 446
Korps-Nachschubtruppen 446
Korps-MG Bataillon 446
446.Ost Bataillon

Festungs Division „Warschau“ – Generalleutnant Friedrich Weber
73.Infanterie Division – Generalmajor Franz Schlieper
337.Volksgrenadier Division – Generalleutnant Eberhard Kinzel

General der Infanterie Johannes Block [KIA 26.1.1945 near Baranów Sandomierski]

Arko 125 – Oberst Eberhard Zinsser
Korps-Nachrichtenabteilung 456
Korps-Nachschubtruppen 456
Korps-MG Bataillon 456

17.Infanterie Division – Generalmajor Max Sachsenheimer
214.Infanterie Division – Generalleutnant Harry von Kirchbach

General der Infanterie Friedrich Schulz

Höhere Arko 304 – Generalleutnant Karl Wintergest
Korück 550 – Generalleutnant Wolfgang Schmidt-Logan
Armee-Arzt 17.Armee – Generalarzt Fr. Med. Friedrich Schober
Armee-Nachrichten Regiment 596
Armee-Nachschubführer 591

SS-Obergruppenführer Matthias Kleinheisterkamp
Chef des Stabes: SS-Standartenführer Gerhard Giese

Artillerie Kommandeur 11.SS-Armeekorps

78.Volksgrenadier Division – Generalleutnant Harald von Hirschfeld
320.Volksgrenadier Division – Generalmajor Rolf Scherenberg
545.Volksgrenadier Division – Generalmajor Otto Obenaus

General der Infanterie Edgar Röhricht

Arko 103
Korps-Nachrichtenabteilung 459
Korps-Nachschubtruppen 459

359.Infanterie Division – Generalleutnant Karl Arndt
371.Infanterie Division – Generalleutnant Hermann Niehoff
544.Volksgrenadier Division – Generalleutnant Werner Ehrig

(HQ in Ozorków)
Generaloberst (LW) Robert Ritter von Greim
Chef des Generalstabes: Generalmajor (LW) Friedrich Kless

21.Flugmelden-Mass Abteilung

22.Luftnachrichten Regiment – Oberst (LW) Erich Spitzner
35. Luftnachrichten Regiment – Oberst (LW) Adolf Somfleth
262. Luftnachrichten Regiment – Oberstleutnant (LW) Ferdinand Blumröder

Fliegerführer 6 – Oberst (LW) Karl Stockmann

(HQ in Kraków)
General der Flieger Hans Seidemann
Chef des Generalstabes: Oberst (LW) Sorge

38.Luftnachrichten Regiment – Oberstleutnant (LW) Ernst Fleck

3.Flieger Division (HQ in Żagań) – Generalmajor (LW) Sigismund Freiherr von Falkenstein

560.000 men
4.103 guns and mortars
270 tanks, tank hunters and assault guns
330 aircraft

Any comments, additions and suggestions are most welcome.


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Post by Jan-Hendrik » 13 Dec 2006 17:56

Hm , I am missing the Armeegruppe Heinrici ...

For the equipment I can only give numbers for 1st January 1945 , as Dr.Heinz Magenheimer quotes in the appendix of "Abwehrschlacht an der Weichsel 1945" the KTB of ObKdo. HGr. A as following :

Artillery : 1816
Tanks ( combat ready ) : 318
StuGs ( comabt ready ) :616
PAK ( combat ready ) : 793


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Army Group 'A' 12th Jan'45

Post by donwhite » 13 Dec 2006 23:36

I don't have any source material with me but I'm fairly certain that 551st VG Div (listed with XXXX Pz Korps) was with 3rd Pz Army (Army Group Centre) at this time later fought around Konigsberg and Samland Peninsula.


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OOB -12.01.1945.... AOK 9

Post by JPK » 14 Dec 2006 07:53

(HQ in Łódź)
General der Panzertruppe Smilo Frhr von Lüttwitz (00.09.44-19.01.45)
Chef des Generalstabes: Oberst Johannes Hölz (30.11.44-29.04.45).

Ia: Obstlt Obermaier, Claus(05.11.44-01.02.45)

Sources: Kurt Mehner "Die Dt Wehrmacht 1939-1945"
& "Die Generale des Heeres 1921-1945" Biblio Verlag


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Post by Jan-Hendrik » 14 Dec 2006 11:43

Damn , hadn't noticed that , 551.VGD was part of IX.AK of 3.PzArmee at that time , sure :



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Post by Minotauros » 14 Dec 2006 14:51

You're right boys about the 551.VGD. Sorry for the mistake!

Generaloberst Gotthard Heinrici

Höhere Arko 311 – Generalleutnant Josef Prinner
Korück 531 – Generalleutnant Josef Brauner von Haydringen
Armee-Arzt 1.Panzerarmee - Generalarzt Dr. Med. Paul Kern
Panzerarmee-Nachrichten Regiment 1
Panzerarmee-Nachschubführer 1

154.Feldausbildungs Division – Generalleutnant Dr. Friedrich Altrichter

General der Gebirgstruppe Carl von Le Suire

Arko 132
Korps-Nachschubtruppen 418
449.Ost Bataillon

1.Ski-Jäger Division – Generalmajor Hans Steets
97.Jäger Division – Generalleutnant Friedrich Rabe von Pappenheim
101.Jäger Division – Generalleutnant Dr. Walter Assmann
254.Infanterie Division – Generalmajor Richard Schmidt

General der Infanterie Rudolf Bünau

Arko 411
Korps-Nachschubtruppen 411

5.Reserve Division (Ungarische) – Vezérõrnagy Lászlo János Szábo
75.Infanterie Division – Generalmajor Karl Arning
100.Jäger Division – Generalmajor Hans Kreppel
253.Infanterie Division – Generalleutnant Carl Becker

1.ARMEE (Ungarische)
Vezérezredes Lászlo Dezsöo

5.Armeekorps (Ungarisch)
Altábornagy Mihály Ibrányi

1.Gebirgs Brigade (Ungarische)
16.Infanterie Division (Ungarische) – Vezérõrnagy Lászlo Karátsony
24.Infanterie Division (Ungarische) – Ezredes Gyula Keresztes

General der Infanterie Otto Tiemann

Arko 7 – Generalmajor Karl Welcker
Korps-Nachschubtruppen 417

Kampfgruppe 3.Gebirgs Division – Generalleutnant Paul Klatt
Kampfgruppe 4.Gebirgs Division – Generalleutnant Friedrich Breith
208.Infanterie Division – Generalleutnant Hans Piekenbrock

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Post by Minotauros » 15 Dec 2006 13:45

And of course

391.Sicherungs Division z.b.V. – Generalmajor Rudolf Sickenius

under direct command of the HEERESGRUPPE A.

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12.1.45 O/B

Post by genstab » 18 Dec 2006 16:38

Minotauros, what is the source of your most comprehensive O/B? Is it in a book or microfilm or did you work it out yourself?

Best regards,
Bill/Genstab in Cleveland

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Post by Minotauros » 19 Dec 2006 10:07

I worked this OB out by myself, using the Internet as a source of information.

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Post by genstab » 20 Dec 2006 00:37

Lot of effort there, man. Way to go!

best regards,

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46Pz Korps

Post by donwhite » 23 Dec 2006 01:09

Just had a look at a Map from David Glantz's 'From the Vitsula to the Oder'. XXXXVI Pz Korps should include 1st Sperr Brigade which was situated between 73.ID & Fest Kmd 'Warsaw'. From a detailed post on the 'Panzer Archiv' forum, the unit was made up of 2x Pioneer Battalions, 1x Arty Bn, 1x Heavy AT Bn, 1x Fest MG Bn & 1x Recon Co.
If you do a search on the Panzer Archiv Forum for 1st Sperr Bde, the exact designations of the constituent units will show up.


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Post by Jan-Hendrik » 23 Dec 2006 11:49

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Post by Minotauros » 01 Feb 2007 10:17

The commander of the 70.Heeres-Pionier Brigade was Oberst Hans von Ahlfen.

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Post by JC » 01 Feb 2007 19:59

Hope you don't mind a few additions and corrections:

24 Pz.K. C/S – Ob Eitel-Friedrich Binder

16PzD. Kdr. – Ob Theodor Kretschmer

40 Pz.K. C/S – Ob Hermann Berlin

PzAOK 4 C/S – Ob Christian Mueller

42 A.K. C/S – OTL Drabisch-Waechter

48 Pz.K. C/S – OTL Helmuth Bergengruen

AOK 9 C/S – Ob Johannes Holz

8A.K. C/S – Ob Hans-Adolf v. Blumroder

46 Pz.K. K.G. – GdPzT Walter Fries

46 Pz.K. C/S – OTL Hans Lutz

56 Pz.K. C/S – Ob Martin v.Graevenitz

AOK 17 C/S – Ob Joachim Schwatlo-Gesterding

11 SS A.K. C/S – Ob (H) Gerhard Giese

59 A.K. C/S – Ob Max v.Groll

PzAOK 1 C/S – Ob Ivo-Thilo v.Trotha

49 Geb.A.K. C/S – Ob Wilhelm Haidlen

11 A.K. K.G. – GL Max Grimmeiss

11 A.K. C/S – Ob Helmuth Schultze

Best Regards.............JC

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Post by ActuarialFellow » 04 Feb 2007 03:55

I'll apologize in advance if this isn't the right thread for this, but I recently came across my grandfather's wartime pictures and became curious about his unit's history. I know the basics: that he was in communications, went through Rumania and the Crimea, was captured in 1945, and spent 4 years in a Polish camp. The unit was "Heeresgruppe-Nachrichten Regiment 558", which of course is what brought me to this thread. I've got all sorts of medals and documents floating around, and am slowly translating them with my half-baked German, but wanted more information.

I did find this...

http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Gli ... ANR558.htm

...which is pretty useful, but I was curious to learn more. Anything you could point me toward would be helpful...and again, I apologize if I'm crashing the wrong thread.


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