422nd and 425 nfs in the Ardenne......Timo !

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422nd and 425 nfs in the Ardenne......Timo !

Post by Erich » 08 Apr 2002 21:09

This is for anyone interested and marcus go ahead and move the topic if need be. This is in answer of sorts to an older thread dealing with German panzers and motor transports being destroyed in the Ardenne. I have included claims by the 422nd and 425th night fighter squadrons who flew many night ground attack sorties during the "Bulge". Here are some figures first for the 422nd. hope that you all find this of interest. Note these items listed come from copies of the microfilm/microfische of the two squadrons. both in terrible shape.......

For the 422nd. December 14/15, 44

at 1817/1909 hours 1 A-20 drops 4 bombs on Schleiden
0449/0557 4 bombs on Bruck and 4 bombs on Wollseifen

December 15/16

A-20G's drop 4 bombs on Wollseifen
4 bombs on Schleiden
4 bombs on Wollseifen camp
4 bombs on Shleiden camp.
hours range from 2236/to 0330

December 16/17

No ground attacks but claims for 5 German a/c and 1 probable.

December 17, 44.........0 negative

December 17/18

3 Intruders on patrol

2/10ths to 3/10th at Angles 3 to 4

A-20's drop 4 bombs on Rheinbach on marshalling Yard with many explosions observed.
3 bombs on Gemund/ 1 bomb hung up in bomb bay
4 bombs on Schleiden from angels 9, explosions and flashes observed.

December 18/19th 44

Intruder ops only

December 19 44

A # 6

A-20's # 9671 dropped 4 Bombs on Dreiborn at angles 3
# 9935 dropped 4 Bombs on Harperschied at Angles 2 1/2

December 20 .........0 negative

December 21 .........0 negative

December 22 .........0 negative

December 22/23 44

Intruder ops by P-61's 1 claim for a Bf 110

December 24

weather recon sorites and a visual on 1 Mosquito

December 24/25

Defensive patrols and intruder ops under GCI control. claims for 1 Ju 88 and 1 Ju 88 probable.
P-61 # 58 flown by pilot Johnson flew to railhead at St.Vith from 1000 feet altitude to 500 feet........shot up 10 railroad cars and 1 locomotive, 1 motor transport damaged. 2127/2345 hours

returned at 1657to 1900 hours and strafed 20 cars N.W. from 500 feet altitude and strafed 4 motor transpots near Duren.

December 25/26

Defensive patrols and Intruder ops under GCI control. Calims for 1 Ju 188 and 1 Bf 110. Most ops were negative and no visuals.

December 26, 44

A 20D #7 5 A-20's

Spelis strafed on Railroad crossing in St. vith and several towns in the area
Gordon strafed Barracks, warehouse near Schleiden
Himmelright strafed marshalling yard in Dahlen starting a warehouse on fire.
Elbracht strafed small towns around St. Vith and received some small arms fire in return.
Himmelright in a second sortie, strafed 3 motor transports, 1 house on fire in Dahlen and Escheiler.......

3,000 rounds of .50 used.

December 26/27

Defensive Patrols under GCI control

1 P-51 shot down and crew killed..# 57 Himmelright, this may have been by a German night fighter.

Claims for 1 Ju 88, 4 Ju 188's. many arborts and A-1 radar failures.

A # 8 3 A-20I's
1804/1911 # 9685 Elbracht strafed town East of St. Vith and houses on fire. Damgaged 2 trucks
#9957 left engine failed and the a/c rashed. Crew ok
second sortie by Elbracht at 2308/0056 hours, strafed 8 towns East of St. Vith and 2 air beacons east and S.E. of St. vith
1280 rounds of .50 used.

December 27/28

Claims by P-61's for 1 Bf 110 and 1 Ju 188.

December 29, 44 .............. 0 negative

December 30, 44 .............. 0 negative

December 30/31 ............... 0 negative

Well this is one squadron's record for the Ardenne. Hope it can be of help.


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