Leibstandarte in Greece

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Leibstandarte in Greece

Post by Hardin » 22 Jan 2008 19:03

Hello, I am looking for detailed information on SS-Liebstandarte's (mainly SS-Stubaf. Fritz Witt's I. Battalion) actions during Operation Marita, from April 6, up to it's refitting before Operation Barbarossa.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Zack Hardin

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Post by fortrees44 » 22 Jan 2008 20:54


You can find a good article in the number 117 of the 39-45magazine (french magazine), it's focus on the actions of the Leibstandarte to take the hills of Klidi and Klissoura.

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Post by Reader3000 » 22 Jan 2008 21:18

1. check your spelling. not Liebstandarte, but Leibstandarte.

2. look for the unit's history/chronical by Rudolf Lehmann.

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Post by Bittrich » 23 Jan 2008 00:26

Lehmanns books are expensive, but there has to be another source, especially on the internet that would provide information on the Leibstandarte in Greece. Try......
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1st_SS_Div ... .94Balkans

Rob - wssob2
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Post by Rob - wssob2 » 23 Jan 2008 02:44

April 6:
Hitler invades the Balkans. LAH participates in invasion of Yugoslavia & Greece as part of XL Corps, Tenth Army

April 7:
Unit crosses Yugoslav border; takes Kriva Pass & Skopije. Mohnke severly wounded in an air attack.

April 9:
Captures Bitola; advance elements of unit reach Klidi pass

April 10:
Unit suffers air attack from the RAF. I Battalion LAH troops under Sturmbannführer Fritz Witt attack Klidi Pass defenses manned by the 6th Australian Division.

April 11:
Unit troops link up with Italian forces on the Albanian border

April 12:
Captures Hill 997 near Klidi Pass

April 13:
LAH secures Klidi pass, creating an open route of advance - a major strategic victory for the unit. LAH relieved by 9th Panzer Division.

April 14:
LAH reconaissance battalion in heavy combat, Klissura Pass against Greek 20th Division. Battalion CO Sturmbannführer Kurt "Panzer" Meyer becomes famous for urging his men forward to attack by rolling a hand grenade behind a squad of his troops pinned down by Greek machine gun fire. Meyer's troops capture 600 prisoners and secure the pass - another strategic victory for the Leibstandarte.

April 15:
Unit takes Kastoria

April 18:
Advances toward Grevana

April 20:
LAH captures Jannina. Dietrich accepts surrender of sixteen Greek divisions - practically the entire Greek army - from Greek General Tsolakoglous. Dietrich offers generous surrender terms and dispatches his adjutant, Max Wünche, to fly to Larrissa and pass the word along to the OKW and Hitler. Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, his pride wounded, is enraged at the news and demands the Greek General surrender again with harsher terms in a ceremony that includes the Italians.

April 21:
LAH takes Mesovan pass; LAH troops position themselves between Greek & Italian units at Ponte Berati, per Greek the request to prevent Italian troops entering Greece. General Tsolakoglous surrenders Greek Army (again) to Heer Feld Marshall List; Mussolini accepts the surrender on April 23. Regarding the entire incident, Hitler later remarks to Dietrich "You are a good, brave soldier, but no diplomat, and still less a politician!"

April 23:
LAH defense line near Thermopylae

April 25:
British forced into small beachhead at Kalamata, Greece

April 27:
LAH at Pirgus

April 28:
British troops in Greece surrender.

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Post by Rob - wssob2 » 23 Jan 2008 02:46

May 5:
LAH participates in the German victory parade in Athens

May 8:
After victory parade in Athens, LAH transferred back to Czechoslovakia to again prepare for the invasion of the USSR.June 1:
Stationed Brno

June 15:
LAH transfers to Lublin region, Generalgouvernment (Poland) Assigned to XIV Panzer Corps

June 22:
Operation BARBAROSSA - Germany invades the Soviet Union

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Post by Hardin » 24 Jan 2008 21:30

Thank you!

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Post by Hardin » 25 Jan 2008 22:38

Also, sorry to double post but does anyone have an officer list for Leibstandarte before or during Marita?

Also, does anyone know the assignment of Witt's brother who was KIA, or any information invovling his death?

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Post by Hardin » 03 Feb 2008 05:09

Bump.. Anything?

Or does anyone have perhaps an officer list for leibstandarte for the invasion of Greece?

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Post by byron » 03 Feb 2008 10:13

I `ll give you the "Divisions-Stab"

Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler

03.1941 : Verlegung nach Bulgarien (Sofia); Divisionsstärke: 10.796 Mann
08.04.1941 Vorstoß durch Jugoslawien nach Bulgarien.
Einnahme von Kastoria, Vevi (11.04), Grevena (18.04), Jannina (25.04)
Vormarsch auf den Peloponnes, Einnahme von Patra (27.04)
18.05.1941 : Verlegung durch Jugoslawien in die Räume Brünn und Prag

Feldpost-Nr. 21 825 : SS.LS.A.H. Rgt. Stab

Div.Kdr. : SS. Obguf. Josef (Sepp) Dietrich

Ia. (Führung) : Stubaf. Wilhelm Keilhaus, Stellvertreter, Hstuf. Rudolf Lehmann

Ib. (Verwaltung) : Stubaf. Wilhelm Ewert

IIa. (Rgts.Adj.) : Hstuf. Max Wünsche, Hstuf. Hermann Weiser

IIb. (Personal) : Ustuf. Hans Ritz

Ic. (Feindabwehr) : Ostuf. Erich Maas
01 (Ord.Offz.b.Ia) : Hstuf. Hans-Joachim Metz
02 (Ord.Offz.b.Ib) : Ostuf. Otto Stegemann
03 (Ord.Offz.b.Ic) : Ustuf. Härtel
05 (Kdrs.Begl.offz.) : Ustuf. Max Junge, Ustuf. Frhr. von Waldenfels
III. (Richter) : Stubaf. Heinrich Knote

IVa. (Intend.) : Stubaf. Dr. Alfred Bludau

IVb. (Div.Arzt) : Stubaf. Dr. Hermann Besuden
Div.Zahnarzt : Stubaf. Dr. Klinger, zgl. Gräberoffizier

IVc. (Div.Vet.) : Ostuf. Dr. Werner Sander

V. (Ing.) : Hstuf. Rudolf Scheide, Hstuf. Ing. Helmuth Gross

VI. : Hscha Hanning
Stabs-Kp. : Hstuf. Otto Stoppel
Feldgend. : Hstuf. Hildebrand, Ustuf. Rosenstengel (Fp.Nr. 21 825 C), Ustuf. Kurt Buschhausen
Musikzug : Hstuf. Hermann Müller-John
Div.Stabsquart. : Kdt. Stubaf. Wernicke
Div.Kartenstelle : Oscha Tamm
Waffenmeister : Herbert Walter
Offz. zbV. : Hstuf. Wilhelm Schulz, Ustuf. Erich Strohschon, Ustuf. Wolfgang Schmidt
Ostuf. Rudolf Zeiler
z.b.V. : Hstuf. Kreysing

Unterstellt : XXXX. A.K. (Kdr. der Pz.Truppe Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg)

Div.Einheiten : I./ 1.-5., II./ 6.-10., III./ 11.-15., V./ 1.-5. Kp.
Art.Rgt. I./ 1.-3., II./ 4.- 8., Btr. und Meß-Btr.
Schweres Btl. (4 Kpn.), Pi.Btl. (3 Kpn.), Nachr.Abtl. (2 Kpn. Fspr. u. Funk)
Stab / Div.Nachschubführer und Versorgungseinheiten
Flak-Abtl.(3 Btrn.), Pz.Abtl. (2 Kpn.), Aufklärungs-Abtl. (4 Kpn.)

Die IV. Abtl. wurde erst am 10.06.1941 aufgestellt (nach dem Abzug aus Griechenland)

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Post by Hardin » 04 Feb 2008 23:34

Danke, byron. I don't suppose someone has one for I. Battalion?

Marc Rikmenspoel
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Post by Marc Rikmenspoel » 05 Feb 2008 08:34

Ustuf. Franz Witt was a platoon leader in 3./LAH during the invasion of Greece. On April 10, 1941 he was assigned to lead an assault group towards Klidi Pass. Near the town ov Vevi, short of the pass, his command car drove over a mine and Witt was badly wounded. Heavy Australian defensive fire prevented any of his comrades reaching his body until hours later, by which time he had died. This is the account presented in Peter Mooney's book Dietrich's Warriors, the book includes several photos of Franz Witt, and of his grave.

j keenan
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Post by j keenan » 05 Feb 2008 19:16

6.4.41 bataillon 1
commander sturmbannfuhrer witt
lla untersturmfuhrer springer/von christen
lva untersturmfuhrer reichenbach
lvb hauptsturmfuhrer Dr schulze
v obersturmfuhrer petersen
Krad-Erkundungzug untersturmfuhrer mende
1.kompanie obersturmfuhrer pleiß/harmuth/urabl
2.kompanie hauptsturmfuhrer schulze
3.kompanie hauptsturmfuhrer schiller/witt/franz
4(mg)kompanie hauptsturmfuhrer krocza
5(heavy)kompanie hauptsturmfuhrer gross/martin

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Post by Hardin » 05 Feb 2008 22:43

Thanks very much, everyone.

I hate to be just full of questions but is there any information on the forum about SS-Obersturmfuhrer Gert Pleiss? I know he earned the RK on Hill 997, but that's about as far as I know..

Also keenan, are those the Kompaniefuhrers or all the officers you know of serving within the Kompanie?

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Post by Grisu » 05 Feb 2008 23:02

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