Infanterie-Regiment (mot) 900 in France 1940

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Infanterie-Regiment (mot) 900 in France 1940

Post by Bernd R » 08 Feb 2008 13:03

Hi all,

this Rgt. was built at Infanterieschule Döberitz and was to get combat experience in France 1940.
Would be interested in any info about that unit, especially

1) Heerestruppe, subordinated to Panzergruppe Kleist -> correct ? -> as a reserve ?
2) Was it engaged in any combat ?
3) arrived in the West in may 10th or in june 9th ?
4) the composition : I. Btl, 1.-4. , II. Btl, 5.-8.
per Tessin it also had a 9. Kp which should have been a Sturmgeschütz-Batterie (Stug.Bttr. 900) -> correct ?
5) per Tessin and various sources on Stug and Artillerie this Stug.Bttr. was the former 7./Artillerie-Lehr-Regiment (the nucleus training unit for the StuGs men).
Anything known about this Batterie ? combat, Chef ?

Thanks, Bernd

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