Elite infantry division of Wehrmacht

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Re: Elite infantry division of Wehrmacht

Post by krichter33 » 17 Jan 2013 01:43

Yes, I agree with Dietrich as well about the term "elite." For me elite includes small specialized units, like certain Fallschirmjager units, Brandenburgers, Kleinkampfverbande, parts of KG 200, ext. I try very hard not to ascribe that words to divisions. When it comes to divisions I prefer looking at whatever statistical data exists about unit performance during different situations and times. Usually in those threads were people list the divisions they consider the "best.," what they are really saying is those are there favorites. I have favorites as well, yet there are many other divisions that performed just as well if not better than some of my favorites. That is why I'm interested in these Korps ratings, as well as in Dupuy's ratings.

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Re: Elite infantry division of Wehrmacht

Post by Griffin brigade » 29 Jan 2013 22:57

Qvist wrote:
Remember, unlike other "stalingrad division", this one was hold as Armee reserve until soviets launched their offensive. This means it was encircled almost in full strength, so very high percent of combat element later became irrecoverable losses.

Many other divisions, after weeks of intensive battles, were already bloodied white.
That is not entirely correct. 29. ID (mot.) lost roughly 1,000 men in the last two Dekaden of September alone, and will no doubt also have suffered considerable losses in October and November.

A very interesting discussion , i am also a reseacher of the 29 ID and have interviewed a number of veterans of the Divison who fought from 1941 to 1943 , maybe another thing to consider is that most of them stated how worn down the combat elements of the Divison were by the time they entered the southern suberbs of Stalingrad and how heavy and attritional the fighting in the Kalmuk Steppe had been , the fighting strength of many of the Infanterie Kompanies was already seriously comprimised.

Replacement numbers following this i cannot comm,ent upon,



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Re: Elite infantry division of Wehrmacht

Post by Marcus » 30 Apr 2014 17:46

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