In need of serious help....

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In need of serious help....

Post by Piet Duits » 18 Apr 2002 21:20


I am in need of serious help. I am trying to find an example of a socalled Sprechtafel of a general german unit, if possible from a batallion on.

For those not exactly knowing what a Sprechtafel is, here's a small explanation:
a Sprechtafel is a list of Wellen (frequencies) used by a certain unit to communicate within the unit itself, with the support troops within the unit itself (for instance, the Kanonenzug), with armored formations if it's a Grenadier or Panzergrenadier unit, with higher echelon troops etc. etc., with Decknamen (for instance Berta calling Berta 1 meaning the Batallionskommandeur calling his Adjutant).

Since I find it very difficult to express myself, I hope this will do at the moment.

Most of all I am looking for a specialized H.Dv. which is not in the possession with the Bundesarchiv-Militärarchiv (not that that means anything): H.Dv. 241/4b.

Thanks in advance for any, if all, answers,

Piet Duits

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